Staying Fit With Airsoft

There are a lot of ways you can stay fit. We all know the classics like running, weight lifting and the like and while they might be effective they can be a little boring can’t they? So, why not add some excitement to your exercise routine with airsoft instead!

Airsoft is a sport very similar to paintball but instead of paint, airsoft guns fire small plastic pellets. It’s a fun team based exercise that keeps everyone on their toes and is a great workout. Yes, I know what you might be thinking “airsoft doesn’t sound like something that will keep me fit” right? But trust me it will, especially when you start playing it more professionally, but even beginners will soon discover playing airsoft is actually quite the active workout. 

The added workout factor is just a really nice (and not often mentioned) bonus that goes along with it. If you’re still not convinced then don’t worry because we’re about to take a look at the benefits in more detail. 

Why Airsoft Helps You Stay Fit! 

When you go to airsoft forums you’ll see all the normal forum threads you’d expect like advice for weapons and tactics and tips for beginners and similar pieces like that. But you’ll also see a number of messages from people about how demanding airsoft can be for the unprepared. 

This might sound like a bad thing but it actually isn’t because after a game or two your body will soon get used to it. But what this does show us is that airsoft is a very physical activity in more ways than one. 

Which means you’ll be sure to stay fit and healthy while you play in an age where things like video gaming and staying at home and watching Netflix have become popular hobbies, airsoft really stands out. It’s not just a unique game and a lot of fun to play it also helps ensure you stay fit and healthy. Let’s look at some of the ways airsoft can help can do just that. 

You’ll Be Moving About A Lot 

Even in the average game of airsoft, you’ll be moving around a lot. You will almost always be constantly moving as you run from opposing players and dodge shots. It’s a very energetic and active game so you will be getting quite the cardio workout as you play. If you’re a jogger or runner then a good game of airsoft could be a fine replacement for one of your weekly running sessions. 

You Will Be Carrying Around Plenty of Equipment 

Airsoft can be played with relatively little equipment but even in those circumstances, you might be surprised by just how heavy a professional airsoft weapon can be. Especially if its equipped with extra fittings and features like laser sights and other similar attachments. There are stores like Airsoft Deals who are dedicated to selling only Airsoft accessories.

In more professional games (especially larger team-based matches) you will likely have a backpack with extra supplies like ammo pouches and even spare supplies like water bottles and batteries with you as well. This will give you quite the full body workout as you play and trust me after a few months you will notice the difference.

It’s Demanding But Never Too Demanding 

Airsoft is in many ways exercise in disguise! A proper game of airsoft can be very demanding especially with more serious players and you won’t just get a full body workout you’ll also improve your focus, balance, and patience. It really is a workout for both your mind and body! 

You could be crawling through the undergrowth one minute and hiding behind trees the next in order to line up the perfect shot on an unsuspecting player. Not to mention those desperate dashes away from the opposing team! 

It’s very demanding but you will likely realise just how much you’re working out because you’ll be too focused on having fun! And while airsoft is undeniably a very demanding sport it will never feel like it’s too demanding because you can always stop to take a break or tap out and wait for the next match. 

Airsoft is likely not many people’s first choice when it comes to finding ways to stay fit and healthy but you shouldn’t dismiss it! You’ll be getting a full body workout without even knowing it and it will definitely improve your fitness. Best of all anyone who is old enough to safely play airsoft can benefit from it. 

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