Everyone Should Visit The Old Emerald Isle!

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One of the biggest challenges for the modern traveller is that there are just so many different places to choose from. After all, when you could go anywhere in the world, how do you even go about narrowing down your choices. As wonderful as that can be, it also means that there are plenty of places that end up getting ignored. This can lead people to feel like they don’t know where to go without even considering some wonderful and highly underrated destinations.
One of the most underrated destinations there is? Ireland. A lot of people assume that Ireland is dull, grey, and hardly a good fit for a trip away but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that Ireland has a huge amount to offer every kind of traveller. Here are just a few reasons why everyone should visit the Old Emerald Isle at least once!


If there’s one part of Ireland that you absolutely have to see, it’s Dublin. Ireland’s capital is one of the most exciting, diverse, and fascinating cities in the world. Whether you’re interested in the countries rich history, the huge range of bars and restaurants all over the cities or you just want to do some sightseeing in and around Smithfield, Dublin is the kind of place that really does have something for everyone.
Just make sure that you have at least some kind of plan when you go because with so much to do it can be pretty easy to end up spending all of your money in one fell swoop!

The landscape

Of course, you might prefer something a little more serene out of your trip. In which, Ireland has you covered there as well. If you want to get out of the city and the rush for a while, Ireland has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. From utterly breathtaking landscapes to nature areas that will let you shake off all of the stress and chaos of modern life, Ireland is the kind of place where you really can recharge your batteries and come back to your life refreshed and ready for anything.

The people

There’s one thing that brings a lot of people back to Ireland time and time again. No matter how wonderful the landscapes and cities might be, it’s the people that are Ireland’s secret weapon. There’s nothing like walking into an Irish pub and finding yourself making friends with total strangers within minutes.
The Irish are legendarily warm and kind people and they are often more than happy to take travellers under their wing at a moment’s notice. After all, what could be better when you’re travelling to a new place than making friends who make you want to keep coming back year after year.

One of the wonderful things about Ireland is that it’s the kind of place that’s just full of secrets. You could easily end up going back time and time again and never really reach a point where you’ve seen everything that Ireland has to offer.

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