An Art Lover's Guide to London

Art is a form of creative expression that manifests itself in various outlets, whether music, literature, dancing, painting, and more. There are some cities that draw out the artist in people more than others, and other cities that people go to in order to be in awe of their art-works. 

London is an example of such a city, and it has a bustling creative scene. From plays, galleries and museums, street art, music and more, it is an art lover’s heaven. You could spend weeks in London and still not see all that it has to offer. This guide will help you decide what to do, whether you have two days or a week.

Bucket list museums and art galleries

Spending an afternoon in a museum or art gallery is a perfect past time. The good news is that they are also free! You could spend a day at The National Gallery, Tate Britain, The Wallace Collection, The Wallace Collection, Tate Modern, among others. Whether you enjoy paintings, statues, modern or antique, you can choose from the numerous options available. 

Top plays for tourists

Those who appreciate art also appreciate a really good play or musical. Depending on what you prefer, you could opt for a classic, such as Shakespeare, or even more modern. You will find the best plays in London that will leave you inspired.

Street art 

Wandering around the city, you are bound to stumble upon street art. Every section of London has its unique collection of work, and its known to have one of the largest uncommissioned street art in the world. People can find works from Banksy or even unknown artists. The art in Shoreditch often changes, while the ones found in Croydon are some of the capital’s best.


You can’t fully have an art lover’s experience without seeing the music scene in London. This includes concerts, for one, but there are even famous and iconic musical locations throughout the city. The London Beatles Walks and Tours is one big example of it, David Bowie’s home and mural, and more.

Exploring and wandering

Although it’s important to make note of certain bucket list items and locations you will be visiting, you should also simply walk around the city. There is no doubt that you will find a form of art around some corner or in a shop. Perhaps you will even walk into a café that has an open mic night. Research a few online reviews of places you should visit to get an idea, but do not depend solely on that. Part of the adventure will be finding hidden gems!

Art is something that attracts people far and wide. In particular, both tourists and locals will enjoy London due to their ability to find the different forms of creative expression everywhere. It does not matter the type of art you most prefer, you will find even more than you imagined in the city. Remember, start your day early and try to see as much as you can! 

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