Who is ManikReigun?

'Manikreigun' has been his online nickname for quite a while now. The real person bearing its pseudonym is Reagan Decena. He's a nurse (at the moment), and spends his spare time delving into comic books, rock music, photography, surfing Netflix, and learning how to become a successful trader and entrepreneur someday. On most days, he dreams of becoming a full-time blogger. [It depends if he works on night shifts, then he would dream on most nights.]

Manikreigun is from Manila, Philippines, now currently residing in Belfast, Northern Ireland He believes he's a goodwill ambassador of the Democratic Chill-e and GoodVibestan.

Here is a long, yet brief history of his 'blogging' origins:

He started 'blogging' at an early age. At around age 5-6, he began writing short stories with his friend Donald, and his friend would lay out the graphics and the comic strip art. They compiled their works and has since became one of the nation's lost treasure of arts and literature. Their works involved Godzilla, vampires and aliens, of course. 
By age 10, the 'blogging' career stepped up another notch. This was around 1995, mid-90s era where internet was still a far-cry from our daily lives; where computers are mainly that, 'compute-rs'; where Backstreet Boys were just starting to decimate the pop generation. They were sent a heavenly gift by the writing gods and a generous aunt: a typewriter. The one that used inked ribbons that matches the flair and the sound of the lever snapping from side to side after you finished a line. He typed in word after word, line after line. He managed to type a number of original short stories, and then some rip-off storylines that he won't admit that he did. No one read them as he kept them safely hidden in the file cabinet. Unless his mom just didn't tell him.
By high school, he managed to translate his 'raw' writing skills into creating songs. They had to come up with an original song in Filipino to be performed for the 'Buwan ng Wika' fest. He had his group and he was 'volunteered' in to be the leader. He penned a song, in which it was softly rejected by groupmates. He penned another. And then another. At the same time, his friends from the other class did ask for some help in formulating songs, in which he gave out the 'old, rejected' song lyrics. In the finals where top 10 groups with the best songs were chosen from a field of 32, 4 out of the top 10 songs were penned by him. No one knew of course, or else the teachers then won't be pleased. He should've asked for a Britney Spears album for each of the songs. He tried submitting some entries to the school paper, whether poems, haikus or short stories: all were rejected. That pretty much summed up his high school years all in all.
College came in, the 2000s, social media was booming, online gaming was starting to pop up. Before the golden age of Facebook, the Friendsters, MySpaces, Multiplys were the kings [or queens?] of the social network era. He kicked off blogging with those mediums. He started garnering some online high-fives, sometimes that's just what you need: a virtual 'ok.' 
Post-school was when he decided to take the fun of blogging a bit more 'seriously.' He would go to a computer rental shop to pay for a minimum of an hour for 20 pesos to go online and post on his blog. He did own a computer via a hand-me-down from his siblings, but they couldn't afford to get an internet connection at home. That was mid to late 00s. Bieber was about to take over. And so was Manik Makina, from the year 2009. 

He was a 1 time finalist for 'Best in Humor' in the Philippine Blog Awards.

His work was also published on a national broadsheet, Philippine Star.

He's still practicing on his autographs when that big day comes, for now, he's still working on it.
For now, he loves to write and blog about his adventures, lifestyle, his 'own' pop culture and random rants and reviews.

Heck, he would even write about cats and zombies!

One is a London institution. The other, has a lovely dome.

twitter/instagram/snapchat: @manikreigun

flickr: manikreigun

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/theGZT


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