Get Out: 3 Workouts You Can Do Outside This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and it’s about time we swapped out that wardrobe with something light and airy. And, when we’re about to go into full summer-mode, there’s no better place for your weekly workouts than outside in the fresh air. Here is a handful of great tips on how you can transition from an indoor gym-creature to a tanned street-jogger in no time at all.

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Being outdoors gives you added energy, by the way, it brightens your mood and may even provide you with that much-needed Vitamin D-boost your doctor has been asking you about since last winter. So get your shoes on, plug in some music and get running - straight past the gym, of course.

Hard workout: Sprinting hills

We will start with the hardest exercises and work our way down to make sure you’re calm and underwhelmed by the end of the article - kind of like that trick where you track your reps by counting downwards.

Hill sprints are a part of the popular high-intensity interval training you’ve been hearing so much about lately and you ought to treat it that way as well. Sprint up the hill with maximum effort for about 90 seconds before giving yourself a break by jogging calmly for a minute or less. The idea is that, by the time you start on the next interval, you’ll be rested enough to give it your all.

Obviously, you can do this at the gym as well by increasing the climb on the treadmill - but it’s just not quite the same as a heavy workout in fresh air where a nice breeze may cool you off once in a while. Give your motivation a proper boost by treating yourself to a pair of new shoes, like these Jordan 1 off white beauties, and you’ll feel cool even when you’re not exercising.

Medium workout: Bodyweight exercise

The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can do them anywhere and whenever you feel like it; no weights, no dumbbells and no blocks needed. Do a session of yoga in the garden, hold a plank in the middle of the park to everyone’s amazement, or simply pull yourself up by holding on to the nearest pole - preferably a steady one.

Bodyweight exercises are perfect if you’d like to take better care of your bones as it increases their strength rather than putting pressure on them by lifting heavy weights. Your bones may get away with lifting weights, though, as long as you keep it a bit lighter and simply do more reps.

Light workout: Running with a frisbee

If you’re starting to get tired of doing the same old jog, try switching it up by inviting a friend (or your dog) and bringing a frisbee. It’s going to make your run a lot more fun and you’re welcome to bring a ball instead of a frisbee - the main point is that you have something to throw to the other person.

A beach or somewhere with minimal traffic would, of course, be a safer option as you won’t be able to keep an eye on your surroundings all the time while trying to catch the frisbee or ball. Likewise, if you are interested to know 'What Is The Best HIIT Workout?', you can check it out here: https://buffedd.com/what-is-the-best-hiit-workout/.

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