Active Holidays: a Refreshing Energizer

Holidays are many people’s most anticipated part of any year. Being able to break out of your routine, be it working, looking after the kids, or just about anything else, is often a dream come true. No matter how much you love your family or your job, any routine gets stagnant with enough repetition. Do not blame yourself for it, it is just how we are designed, seeking new things by nature and growing tired of the same old thing. Now, holidays are often associated with doing nothing at the beach for two weeks except lying down, eating and drinking. While this sort of holiday is also needed to fully allow your mind to rest and get rid of those nagging thoughts in the back of your head about everyday troubles, they do often end up leaving you feeling sluggish and lazy when coming back to the big city and back to the office. While this is to be expected, let us look at some holidays which will not only allow for your mind to rest but leave you energized, ready to get back in the swing of things as soon as you set foot in the office.

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Thinking outside the beach

Sun-bleached beaches with velvety fine sand which stretch along kilometres of seashore are all well and good, but there is much more to the world when it comes to holiday destinations. Next time think about places a bit on the wilder side, a place like Lesotho in South Africa. Lesotho boasts of some truly beautiful mountain ranges, it actually has the “highest lowest point” of any country in the world. It is often nicknamed “Kingdom of the Sky” due to its lofty nature, beautiful national parks with breathtaking and unusual sights such as the Maletsunyane Falls and Sehlabathebe National Park are a few of the popular tourist attractions. Lesotho is actually a constitutional monarchy, while this might not seem too impressive in itself, it is not very common in this day and age. With Letsie III being the king since 1996, the country has been prosperous despite its young age, it only celebrated its 50th year of independence from the United Kingdom just last year. With its rather unique appeal, and not being packed full of tourists, Lesotho provides the perfect opportunity for a brief change of pace.

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Image source: Pexels

Staying active

While on the topic of mountainous regions, if Lesotho is a bit far for you to travel to, why not consider a mountain oriented holidays elsewhere? Be it in France, Canada, Switzerland or Austria, you probably know someone who has been there, or you’ve at least heard of them before. But since this is all about being adventurous, let's look at a more interesting location. Lapland is largest and northernmost region of Finland, Lapland Travel specialists are able to provide an abundance of snow-related activities. Besides going for set activities like these, just walking around on a blanket of untouched pure-white snow with the family is a very special experience. Highly recommended instead if you have had enough of being a beach bum in the past few years.

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