What Ambassador Watches Are All About? Let's Check Out.

Ambassador watches, are they any good?

What's up, guys? There's a special article for you today. We're reviewing a watch brand with a futuristic yet simple design. We really like that approach and think that's the idea most companies should implement in the future. So what brand are we reviewing today? Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Ambassador watches.


Sounds cool, right? You're damn right. The whole vibe around that brand is so appealing. Classy and wealthy, that's the kind of feeling you should expect from your wristwatch. They have a great attention to details. From live chat support on the Ambassador website to the glammy luxurious box for the best unboxing experience, it's top-notch, guys.

Honestly, getting these things right is not that hard, but we see that most of the brands either simply don't care or don't understand that little feature like live chat support, for example, make up for a good brand image which converts to more purchases and more happy customers. More happy customers equal more recommendations for your brand which gets you even more customers. These are the fundamentals of any business, but sadly not a lot of companies implements them.
Let's get one thing straight. We're impressed with the Ambassador style and we advise you to check their assortment. Why? Well, let's talk about it, should we?

Ambassador Heritage 1921

ambassador watches
That look is absolutely stunning. White face with silver strap, there's absolutely no way you can go wrong with it. Business meeting or a night out with bae, the Heritage 1921 is universal and matches any context or outfit.

It's great on the inside too. Japanese Quartz movement is why you don't have to worry about setting the time on your watch daily. Those days are long gone and rightly so.
Hmm, what about the materials? An absolute quality which makes up an excellent piece of machinery. For example, do you see the sapphire glass used in every watch? Here we come back to our previous point - care for the customers.
All in all, we're really impressed with the Heritage 1921. Coming in at just $279, this watch is a great cop to enhance your daily outfit or maybe gift it to your loved ones.

Ambassador Heritage 1863

ambassador watches
Heritage 1863 screams luxury. To the point, everyone wants a great social status and Heritage 1863 is the thing to enhance your level. It's a game changer and lowkey our favorite watch of Ambassador collection.
The only thing that's different is the design and it's absolutely gorgeous yet simple. Bold layout with gold accents and a black face, a true item of a real man.

The only thing we haven't mentioned about Ambassador watches is the waterproof side of it. What can we really say? It's decent blud. The Ambassador watches are color coated several times for the color to last for years, even when you have a frequent contact with water. On top of that, all the steel used in the watches is stainless (both case and straps), to handle water without a problem.

As we have said already, this is a perfect watch for you luxury lovers. At $279, the Heritage 1863 is highly undervalued and a steal in our opinion.

Ambassador Heritage 1959

ambassador watches
Classic, classic, classic... That's the definition of this watch. The Heritage 1959 is probably more fitted to that suit look, but nonetheless, you can rock it with casual jeans without a problem. Honestly, we don't need to tell you much about it. You know this watch is for you if you love the classic 1959 style.

It also has the same characteristics as the previous watches on this list. You already know that the quality is top notch here. The only thing that may turn you down is your design preference, but it's a personal choice and our personal choice says yes to it :)
What's the price? $279 again. Love suits = love Ambassador Heritage 1959. Go for it.
Yeah, you can already guess that we're really impressed with the Ambassador brand. They got the most things right and that's the main part of watchmaking. 

Conclusion? At $279, Ambassador has some great watches. Simple as that.

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