Is It The Right Time To Move Jobs?

When you’ve been in a job for a while you’ll start to feel that you’ve got everything out of it that you can. There’s no more room for advancement and you don’t want to spend the rest of your working life on the same salary. It looks like it’s time for a move. The only problem is, your position at your current job is pretty stable and by moving, you risk putting yourself in a less stable position. You could also end up in exactly the same dilemma that you’re in now at your new company. Before making any decisions, look at these things to decide whether the move is right for you.

The Boss

Regardless of how much extra money you’re earning at your new job, a bad boss can ruin everything. After working there for a while you should have built a good rapport with your current boss and you both understand how the other works. When you move you’ll have to start all over again and you might not be able to build such a good relationship if you don’t like your new boss’s style. Try to gauge their management style when you meet them for an interview and ask existing employees about it.


It’s often the extras that make a job more attractive so see what benefits you’ll get. Workplace pensions are one of the first things you should be looking at when you’re trying to decide whether to take a new job or not. If you haven’t got a good one then you’ll struggle when it comes to retirement. You should also ask what kind of holiday allowances you get because if you’ve gotten used to a certain amount at your current job, you won’t want to experience a drop. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your new employer on these benefits either.

Opportunity For Promotion

One of the main reasons that people move jobs is because they want more opportunity to advance within their company. There’s no point in moving companies if you can’t advance at the new one either. Speak to existing employees and see how long they have been in their current roles. If nobody seems to have been progressing anywhere then that should ring alarm bells. You should also look into what kind of pay rise people are getting when they are being promoted. A company that doesn’t financially reward their employees for good work is often an indicator that they don’t always treat their employees well.


The location is a practical factor that you need to think about as well. It doesn’t matter if your commute is slightly longer but you need to decide how much further you are willing to travel every day for a better job. Don’t forget to think about the extra costs that you’ll have to pay if you’re driving further. You could actually end up with less money if the extra costs outweigh the increase in salary that you’re getting and it’ll be too late to do anything if you only realize once you’ve started the new job.

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