The 5 Must-See Cities Of Mainland Europe

If you’re busy making a travel bucket list right now, then don’t forget some of Europe’s most incredible city destinations. Some are famed for their culture, and others for their food. Another benefit of putting European destinations on your travel bucket list is the ease of getting from place to place as you travel. You might be able to cross all five of these great cities from your list in one holiday!

This is one of my favourite cities, and it is jam packed with great attractions. Getting around is really easy, and much of what you might want to see can be reached on foot from the station. Berlin Cathedral is one of those places you don’t want to leave. Each side has something different to see, and all of it will pique your interest. The night life will keep you going well into the next day. And don’t forget to check out the world-class museums and art galleries right in the city centre.

Who hasn’t been to Paris? Actually, statistics suggest that fewer people have been visiting the city in recent years. That doesn’t mean you should miss out if you’ve never been. You can start your European travel from this city, but don’t forget to check the EU travel information system for any essential details you might need to know. The obvious attractions are the Eiffel Tower and the row of gorgeous eateries along the Boulevards. The Notre Dame Cathedral will take your breath away. And for all the shopaholics out there, you won’t be disappointed by the huge number of fashion boutiques.

Vienna’s Imperial Palaces should be on your ‘must-see’ list when you’re in Vienna. As the Capital city of Austria, there is little that you won’t find here. Incredible museums (especially if you love music), amazing theatres, and excellent restaurants are just some of the things that will keep you entertained for days. Of course, there is a real beauty to the place so if you love the outdoors, head to some of the city gardens.

Italy is a fabulous country to visit at any time of the year, regardless of the city you wish to see. But there is something about Rome that gives it an edge. The history, the art, the food and the people offer everything any holiday-maker might want. There are endless incredible examples of architecture, and plenty of tours to enjoy too. Of course, the shopping isn’t bad either! There is a wide range of accommodation right in the heart of the city, so enjoy your time here on foot.


Spain is warm, sunny, and full of vibrancy. There are some areas that are perfect for family holidays. And there are some regions that are an absolute must for solo travellers. Barcelona offers plenty for all. This city has seen more recent investments than some of the others, and student life here is certainly thriving. Just outside of the city itself are water parks, amusements, and more.

It’s never easy to whittle down so many much-loved destinations to a list that is practical to complete. But if you must select only five great cities in Europe, will these ones make it onto your travel bucket list?

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