Switch Up Your Mode Of Transport And Explore Your Getaway Destination In A Different Way

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off abroad this summer, for a holiday in a destination that guarantees sunshine; you could consider breaking away from your normal stroll around the local town and switching up your transportation options for a truly memorable holiday. If you want to make the journey from place to place just as fun as each destination, then take a look at the following ideas to help your explore in a differently.


Whether you’re planning to visit a city, the coast, or the wilderness for your trip of a lifetime; a bike is a great way to get about quickly and with ease. Aside from boosting your fitness levels as you pedal away the days, you’ll have the freedom to explore exactly where you choose to go in your holiday destination. A bicycle is easy to hop on and off and will give you access to some incredible sights, not to mention that you’ll get to each spot far quicker than you would on foot.

You can check out the 30 best cycling holidays and discover where to visit next. A bike can be as noncommittal as you want it to be too; you can simply hire your mode of transport for a while, then return it as soon as you feel like a couple of days sunbathing and relaxing in the sun. So, next time you’re away, check out the local cycle routes and see if there are any bikes to hire.


If you’re planning to island hop or want to visit some beautiful coastal areas; why not utilise the water and sea that surrounds your destination and sail. You can base your whole trip around relaxing on a boat and enjoying the lapping of the waves each day; companies like The Big Sail are a great example of how your focus can be the ocean, and where you can getaway to explore.

Hiring a boat is another option; most coastal areas will have a harbour and boat hire options so that you can spend a day or a few hours seeing the sights of whatever island you’ve visited from the water. It’s also worth checking out any organised day trips; professional sailors and local will be able to take you to all the most beautiful spots and inform you about the history and geography of the environment. It’s always a smart idea to consult somebody who knows and understands the sea surrounding your holiday destination; it can be a dangerous place, so don’t take any chances when it comes to going out on the water alone.


Whether it’s a helicopter or a seaplane; seeing the land and sea from the air is an incredible way to explore and discover an environment. Unless you’ve recently gained your pilot’s license; you’ll probably have to hire and book your desired journey ahead of time. A helicopter can take you up above a city skyline, country hills, or desert terrains that you’d never be able to walk through, so it’s worth checking out the best helicopter rides on the planet, before booking your next break.

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