Easy Ways To Improve Your Driving Experience

I recently wrote a post about driving experience days. There are plenty of them about, and it’s a fun and exciting day out. But, what if you wanted to bring some of that experience home with you? I’m not suggesting stealing a Ferrari, of course. But, there are a few things that you can do to upgrade your car that will make it a far more pleasurable drive. Let’s take a look at some of the simple changes you can make to improve the driving experience in any car.

Clean it

First thing’s first, make sure your car is clean. Driving in a car full of rubbish and dirt is never a pleasant experience, and it’s also a sign that you just don’t care about it. There are no excuses for dirty cars, and they can even lead to internal damage. Not only that but the weight of all the stuff in there will decrease your fuel efficiency. Get a vacuum cleaner out, and stop using your car as extra storage for your home. You will find you save a lot of money at the fuel pumps and enjoy your drives a lot more.
Upgrade your speakers

Most car head units are much of a muchness. And, while it might be tempting to get a new one that has flashing lights and all mod cons, a new set of speakers is a far better investment. Standard car speakers tend to be poor quality, as manufacturers believe it doesn’t concern most people. However, if you are a lover of audio, upgrading them with some tweeters and a bass bin will improve your sound quality by a significant amount. According to http://www.sonicfrontiers.co.uk/, it will give you the best audio experience possible.

Change your tyres

One thing you will notice when you go on a driving experience day is that the cars handle so much better than mainstream vehicles. You can’t expect your Zafira to perform in a similar way to a top-of-the-range speedster. But, you can improve things by a significant amount. How? There’s a variety of ways to achieve it, but the first is to upgrade your tyres. According to https://tyres.theaa.com, it has other benefits, too. It gives you more safety, better fuel economy, and can improve overall performance.

Change your oil

How many of you can honestly say they read the manufacturer’s guidelines for their vehicle? Many people don’t - and they miss out on valuable information. One of the most important is that those guidelines will tell you when to change your oil. Running any engine with old, sludgy oil will affect your car’s performance, so always change it when you have driven a certain amount of miles. You’ll find the details in your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website.

Get new spark plugs and filters

Spark plugs are an easy and cheap fix for your car. And, if you don’t change them before they get too old, it’s going to start eating into your fuel consumption. Not only that, of course, but it will also mean more carbon emissions - and worse performance all round. Your air filters will need changing, too, to ensure that your engine is cool enough. It needs good airflow to run properly, and overheating can affect performance and lead to severe damage.

Hope these tips have helped - let me know your thoughts!

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