Compelling Reasons Why Men Should Drink More Green Tea

Green tea - where do you stand on it? Let’s be honest, when you picture a green tea drinker, it’s not a man you will typically have in mind. It gets a bad rep as something only for hippies and vegans, not for the high-powered chap on his way to a tough workout. In short, it just isn’t manly.

The truth is somewhat different, however. If you want to see some big improvements in your life - and its length - you ought to reconsider. Here are five reasons more men should drink green tea.

It boosts your metabolism

Looking to cut down on your calories and increase your rate of metabolism? Then drink green tea. It contains substances known as catechins, which can help you increase your metabolism by a significant amount. In fact, studies show that it helps you raise your calorie burn by around 4%. If you are struggling to get beyond your fitness or weight loss plateau, green tea could be the answer you are looking for.

It increases your potential

Struggling to get beyond a certain stage in your workouts? Cramping and stitches can halt your progress and stop you from getting everything you need out of each workout. But, there is a solution. Drink some hot water mixed with green tea powder before you work out, and you will boost your endurance by almost a quarter. That’s an incredible amount of extra work to get through. And, it happens right at the end of your workout, when you will make all your most significant gains.

It offsets your red meat intake

As any fitness addict will tell you, protein is a vital component of putting on muscle. The trouble is, one of the best sources of protein is red meat, and many bodybuilders eat a lot. And, as we all know, too much red meat is bad for you. The good news for carnivores is that the antioxidants in green tea can help you reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol you have after eating red meat. And, it’s a significant improvement - you can reduce your chances of heart attack by 11%.

Better performance at work

Green tea also helps the mind as well as the body. If you are finding yourself forgetting essential things at work, an afternoon cup of green tea can contribute to improving your memory. It’s a far better alternative than coffee, which only stimulates you in an entirely false way. It gives your brain a natural shot, and there won’t be any nasty comedown or crash in the late afternoon, either. In short, it’s perfect for a more confident and capable performance at work.

Recovery from hangovers

Still not convinced about the incredible powers of green tea? I think this might help seal the deal. Green tea is fantastic for helping you recover from a hangover. And, more importantly, it contains polyphenols, which are ideal for preventing liver disease.


OK, so there you have it. I hope I have managed to convince some of you about the incredible impact green tea can have on your life. I’m off for a brew - are you?

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