A Modern Gentleman's Gift Guide

If you’ve got a modern gentleman in your life and you’re unsure what to buy them, you are not alone. Whether it’s your husband, brother or cousin, knowing exactly what gift to give can be a difficult task. You understandably want to buy something meaningful that is still in keeping with their lifestyle and taste. But buying for these smart, polite and chivalrous guys is much easier than you think. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that modern gentlemen of any age will appreciate.

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A Grooming set
Modern gentlemen are renowned for caring about their appearance. So why not help him continue to look his best with a grooming set. These are ideal gifts for all ages and vary in content and price. So you will need to shop around to find the most suitable option. There are grooming sets for hair, nails, beards and skin, so consider what your modern gentleman might be lacking. This will make it easier to buy him something he needs. Alternatively, you can create your own using a variety of products and grooming accessories. He is bound to adore the extra effort you’ve put in and he will enjoy using new products and grooming techniques.

A bottle of whiskey

If you think back to old Hollywood films, the gentlemen types would enjoy a glass of whiskey after a long day at work. So why not bring a little nostalgia to the occasion by buying the modern gentleman in your life a bottle of whiskey. This will make a brilliant gift that he can keep in his office or drinks cabinet for a special treat. 

For an extra special touch, why not buy some engraved whiskey glasses for him to drink out of too. It won’t take long for him to feel like Sean Connery or Cary Grant and he will love how unique this gift is. You can read reviews of Kikori Whiskey and other brands to source one that suits his tastes and your budget. Always ensure that your modern gentleman is old enough to drink alcohol too.

A money clip
No sophisticated gentleman would leave home without a money clip to keep their cash safe and secure. A money clip is a unique gift that your modern gentleman would love to receive. There are thousands of styles to choose in an array of materials and finishes. Think carefully about their style and tastes to ensure you buy one that suits. If you only have a small budget, you can source budget friendly money clips from retailers on Etsy or Ebay. But for more extravagant options, you can visit the Tiffany website. Why not get the money clip engraved with their initials or name for extra charm and personality. He is sure to appreciate this functional and personal gift, which will be unlike anything his friends have.

These gift ideas should have provided you with some inspiration for your modern gentleman's gift. Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary or Christmas, your gift is guaranteed to go down a treat.

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