What To Do On Your Best Bud's Birthday

Best buds are important. Not a fact they will often admit to one another. But you need that guy in life who has your back, shares your stupid experiences and provides a bit more fun in life. So when it comes time to their birthday, what do you do? A lot of guys have a problem being open with their gestures of kindness and care, so instead, make it fun. 

Here are a few ways to do that.

Get out in the wild
If you prefer using your feet instead of the car, there are ways of that, too. A good old manly camping trip is just as effective a way as building those bonds. It requires a bit more practical knowledge which will no doubt lead to the occasional showing off. All the same, with a few beers and some meat cooked over a fire, it’s a chill way to spend a big day. Hashtag 'Wolfpack.'

Hit the casinos
Make a real big night of it. Put together the funds with a few other guy friends to sustain your best bud’s trip out to a casino. There are some great locations where you can lose (a reasonable amount of) money and get a little tipsy on the way. Make it a night you’ll want to remember (mostly through photos as opposed to fuzzy memories).

Hit the road
You don’t need to be flush with cash to make it a trip worth remembering, however. Instead, you can put a more modest amount together and get on the road together. Road trips with your friends are some great ways to improvise stupid fun games on your search for interesting stops. Just prepare accordingly for them so they don’t become an unmitigated disaster.

Get them something particularly cool
Guys have trouble when it comes to buying guys presents now and then. It’s an unfortunate reality of that assumption about showing emotions. If you make it something cool or amusing, however, it’s a lot easier. Whether it’s something nerdishly cool like Super Loot packs or presents designed mainly to amuse or embarrass. Keep it light and use what you know about their interests. Also, play it cool when you’re actually giving the present. A lot of people have the habit of putting their friends on the spot by obviously waiting for reactions.

Get them something functional
It doesn’t have to be something necessarily for style, either. Men might have a thing about buying each other cologne, but there are plenty other options to make great gifts. This includes things like whiskey tumblers for those who like a drink or a GoPro for the guy with a drone.

Guy’s night in

You don’t necessarily to get out of the house to make it a great night. In fact, if they have a lady, it might be better to include her, too. Nothing says a guy’s night in can’t include a gal, either. Whether it’s watching a game, beating each other on shooting games, playing some poker or just sharing ribald jokes over a few beers. The company is what matters.

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