Amazing Driving Experiences You Should Check Out Now

For many people, there are fewer experiences better than being in control of a vehicle. They love the feel of the wheel, the roll of the tyres, the bumps in the roads, the roars of the engine. They’ll find any excuse to use their car. (Although they may feel guilty about occasionally using the car for a journey that would have taken a few minutes on foot.)

These people can often feel doomed to dissatisfaction, though. Why? Because it’s rare for someone who really loves vehicles to be able to own all the types of vehicles they want to drive. A vehicle lover wants to try out a variety of rides. And they don’t just want to be a passenger. They want to be right there at the controls, controlling all the movements and feeling that strange freedom that comes with it.

Thankfully, there are unique driving experiences all over the country. You don’t have to own a type of vehicle just to try it out for an hour or two! Here are some summer suggestions for you.

Get in a tank

That’s right: you don’t have to stick to conventional road vehicles. Many people might not believe that you can actually spend a day tank driving. But there are loads of fun and disarmed tanks you can drive around in, either along a course or freely in a field.

And yes, I did say disarmed. You won’t be able to go on some video game-esque rampage in one. Sorry!

The Ferrari experience

Even those of us who aren’t too interested in cars feel a little excitement at this prospect. Ferraris are some of the most gorgeous, spectacularly-designed cars in existence. But actually owning one is usually reserved for people with much fatter wallets than us!

Thankfully, you can go to a specialised course and try out this beast of a sports vehicle yourself. Of course, if the Ferrari isn’t your cup of tea, then there are loads of other supercar experiences to try out. Lamborghinis, BMWs and Aston Martins are all available for drives.

Going off-road

There are many of us who are sensible enough to not enough a 4x4 for daily purposes. But we had to restrain ourselves in not buying one, right? There’s a part of all of us that wants to get behind the wheel of a beast and fling it about the mud and over rocks and hills.

Good news! You can spend a day in control of a formidable 4x4. There are plenty of tough courses across the country that will let you push it to the limit.

Crazy maneuvers in the sky

Okay, this one is a little bit of a cheat. While you can join an expert pilot as they perform some stunning moves in the air in a fighter pilot, you can’t actually fly the thing yourself. Still, in such a small vehicle and being that close to the pilot, you’ll still be going through a visceral flying experience!

If you actually want to fly a plane, you’ll need to get a pilot's licence I’m afraid!

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