When You Learn, Teach: Stocks+Forex

'When you learn, teach. When you get, give' -Maya Angelou

**I'm a Dreamer.

This is how I envision my career path: retire early. My own definition of retirement is to stop 'working' but still earning. And by early, I target that age by around 40 or 50. Max. Then enjoy time with my family and probably try to have a little garden while drinking a bottle of ice-cold beer. John Lennon sang it best: 'You may say I'm a dreamer.' But why can't you? Why won't I plan and give it a shot? 

I've blogged about that same sentiment titled: 'Note To Employees: Why Invest?' a year ago. Again, let me reiterate. I am far from being a financial guru. Nor can I claim that I am earning bucket loads of cash and driving luxury cars, and living the life of the rich and famous. Not. Yet.

'Why would I listen to you anyway and waste my 5 minutes reading this piece?' Good question. I may not have the best answer, but I could help. 

'What's the catch?' You gotta pay me up. 

Okay, hold it. None. No payments. For real. Yes, stop being a pessimist for once and hear me out.

'Yes sir, your heart rate is very irregular.'

**The Beginning.

Let's rewind 2+ years back. When I started to self-study and learn the tricks and trades of the stock market. At that time, I acted on it only after finally having the courage (and investment) to start whole-heartedly. That was 2012. I have learnt it from a friend who trades stocks way back in 2007. Now in the year 2014, I am reaping the results of that initiative. One of the gurus said the best time to invest, is NOW. It took a while to convince my friends to start learning and become stock traders as well. I can't blame them for a number of reasons:

1. It involves money
2. It involves money
3. We are inclined to results-based thinking. 'Are you earning on it? Show me your bank account.' Not literally, but the point is, why would we listen to someone from the losing end? Fair point.
4 & 5. MOOLAH

What's in it for me? Nothing. My cliche line is this: If I can do it, a man without any business background can do it, so can you. I want to spread the word. It is doable, bro.

I am still learning, far off from being a master trader. And that's the start of the fun part. 

**Phase Two.

( I just called it Phase Two just to make it sound so technical. And somehow influenced just a liiiiittle bit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's line of films. Okay, moving along. )

Phase two started roughly a month ago. A friend of mine mentioned to me about the jumbo jargon word: FOREX. I hesitated a bit. I scoffed. I doubted. Not him. But myself. I am aware of it, but knows nothing about it. Pips. Long. Short. Charts. 

Then I came across this video as if it's a sign. (Ok, that's overreacting.)

It's a matter of wins and losses. It is psychology. It can be very addicting. Life of a trader isn't always going to end up like 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' There's risks. And then, rewards. 

So I tried it. 17 calendar days into the system, it was a roller coaster ride. Analyses, updates, news by the minute. I crash-coursed myself into it. I believed that I can understand and learn the tricks of the business. With the help of the professional advices of an established trader and loads of downloaded pdfs, I've learned the ropes. But that's just barely Round 1. 

** No, I don't have a car. Yet.

Again, we are results-based. I will show you here my profile from my trading account. It shows a summary of my performance as a rookie trader. I am not bragging, since I haven't earned hundreds. And I don't have a souped-up car in my profile photo, so just calm down. 

My account took lots of misses, and there was a nose-dive in there. Almost losing 50% of my account. I almost had a heart attack. I saw the chart and saw the graph as the Valley of Death. After calming myself down and downing loads of red bulls, it regained its losses and currently on 'the green.'

What am I trying to point out? A month ago, I know nothing. I was Jon Snow of the Forex. Here we are half a month later, I haven't lost my wits yet. My basic guide and favourite site at the moment is www.babypips.com. I currently trade with cwmfx.com, and the support team there are fantastic. I even call them when I want to scream with panic or joy. Plus loads of youtube videos and tutorials about the subject.

Negative people will tell you: 'You can't possibly be successful with that. Just work hard and pay the bills the old-fashioned way.' That's why I'm surrounding myself with positive-thinking and forward-thinking people. There's no reason you shouldn't either. 

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