We met. Then became Facebook friends. Acquaintance. Colleagues. Then finally friends. Housemates. Then, you mistakingly 'kind of said' you love me back too. 
It has been a great adventure and thrill of a ride so far having you in my existence.

I may not be fantastic in romanticising moments, and I place last in the cheesiness department. I tend to be more rational than emotional. But hold to each words when I claim that you have been the best joy life ever gave me.

You have been effortless whenever you make me laugh or smile even if you didn't mean to. 
That is how effortless it is to fall for someone like you day by day.

Each waking day, I'm the happiest whenever we share meals together. Even if you would fall asleep while watching films with me, I secretly love whenever you sleep on my shoulders. 
Having you there near me calms and warms my heart.

Of all the decisions I have made so far, being with you is the most brilliant of them all.

p.s. This is by far the longest 'happy birthday' greeting I have given to someone, so I'd like to believe that would really make you very special. 
Ok, I love you. x

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