Book Of Mormon: Best Sin Ever.

Jesus Christ!...(wearing his white robe, with the edges lined up with LED lights, in ancient America?!) OMG!

Warning: If you are a Mormon, please refrain from reading this. If not, carry on with caution.

For a quick reference, this is from their wikipedia page:

A gentleman wearing a suit in front of our row was laughing and clapping almost throughout the show. Breaking the unwritten rule of  musicals to 'clap after the songs during a gap.' I've heard tons of cheering and riotous laughter all over the Prince of Wales theatre. I was literally LOL-ing.

It is how a Friday night should be: Loud, fun and insane! But perhaps it won't be coming soon to Salt Lake City, Utah where the Church of Mormon is centrally located. The lead actors performing the roles of the 'best-trained' missionary Elder Price and the 'awkward-side kick' Elder Cunningham took us for a wild ride for their extraordinary mission in Uganda.

The musical will blow your mind away and the punches will keep you rolling & laughing on your seats. I've never heard 'f*** bombs' thrown on the songs throughout the entire show. Probably almost everyone has an experience or a story of an encounter with a Mormon. With their tidy hair, steady smile, crisp white shirt and a neat black tie and trousers, they're ready to knock on your door and ring on the bell.

Want to have a teaser of what's in store in the best-worst musical in history? Try this one:

The Book of Mormon's strength is its own truths and facts. Call it blasphemy, below-the-belt, offensive, off the line, politically incorrect, but that's where the fun begins and evolves. The makers of South Park may have gotten away with their 2D cartoons and movie, but this musical is way better. Seth McFarlane's Family Guy has just gotten child-friendlier compared to the Mormon.

They will tackle (attack): AFRICA, gays, lesbians, AIDS, sex, mutilation, famine, poverty, Disneyworld, killings, warlords, hell, Hitler, Chinese, Black people, religions, etc. In short, get ready to be offended and be entertained all at the same time.I would want to hear a feedback from a real Mormon about it, but I might just remember the performance of the Elders and probably expect a song and dance too.

Tons of pop culture references such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and iPhone were used, but very smartly and conservatively. The real heroes on this play are the 'Mormons' themselves. (Duh!) You'll be singing 'Hassa Digga Eebowai' like me for a few days after watching it. 

It is a must see experience for all. If you want to have a great time and clean fun while committing a grave sin, this is it. You'll see that hell isn't really that bad. See you there!

(Ok maybe not.)

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