What to Do in Southern Down Under

If you ever find yourself in the Australian state of South Australia (which you should do at some point in your life) then you're going to have to find yourself some things to do whilst there, aren’t ya? Well, fortunately, this is a part of the world that has an abundance of things to do. And, even more fortunately, a few of these things have been listed here, below. So, make sure to read on!

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Head to Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital of SA and ranked fifth in the list of the most populated cities Down Under, is most definitely worth a visit. Well, would you expect anything less than a place that has, of late, been called the lifestyle capital of Australia? In Adelaide you can truly experience and celebrate the true Aussie culture of having fun, eating food and drinking good booze. When it comes to the latter, make sure to sample the wine that is expertly created in this region of the world in the Peel-Leigh Street precinct, where you will find a collection of fun and buzzy bars. Or, if drinking isn't your thing then get yourself down to any one of Adelaide’s popular ocean beaches, hire and hop on a bike and explore the city or get yourself on a tour of the New Adelaide Oval.

Tour the Yorke Peninsula

If road tripping is your thing, then why not road trip your way across SA? More to the point, why not road trip along one of the most famous road tripping routes in the world, let alone in Australia? Yes, the world famous Yorke Peninsula can be found in this part of the world, and a trip to this part of the world without sampling its delights would be a waste.

To take this infamous route you would start your journey in Adelaide, where you would hire a camper van or motorhome. You would then follow the St. Vincent Gulf and make your way up the easterly drive that follows its coastline, eventually coming to the top of the Peninsula and Port Wakefield. You would then cut into the Peninsula proper, passing the Copper Coast as you do so.

Cruise the Murray River

Or, if you'd prefer to travel via the Aussie waters rather than the Aussie roads, then cruising the Murray River is the perfect way for you to spend your time when in South Australia and its neighbouring states, New South Wales and Victoria. By getting yourself to Mannum or Murray Bridge, and getting yourself booked on any one of the daily depart cruised offered by Murray River Cruises, you will be able to discover one of the most iconic Australian destinations of them all. What’s more, you will be able to see for yourself true Aussie history as you pass the seven major settlements that reside on the river, including Wodonga and Echuca.

A trip to South Australia is a trip everybody should make at least once in their life. And, when there, everybody should seek to put at least one of the pieces of advice above into practice!

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