Do These Things To Your Staff And Lose Them Forever

When you have your own business, it’s important to realize that hiring staff is something you do for the long term, not for the short term. You need to look to the future, and figure out whether a member of staff is going to fit in years down the line. Then, when you’ve hired the right people for your company, you need to work on keeping them. There are a few things you can do that could mean losing your staff forever. Then you need to spend even more time and money looking for new staff members, ensuring they stay with you, and the cycle continues.

If you’re doing these things to your staff, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll lose them:

Staying Shut In Your Office
When you’re the boss, it’s all too easy to shut yourself in your office away from the world and avoid all kinds of contact. You may feel more comfortable this way, but it isn’t giving a very good impression to your employees. They are going to start feeling like you don’t care at some point, so you really need to get out of your office, speak to your staff, and build some kind of relationship with them. You don’t want a divide between you and them, as it could be very dangerous and expensive for your company later on down the line.

Letting Office Drama Continue
Office drama can slow down work and make things very uncomfortable. Letting office drama continue is easy, but the wrong thing to do. You can’t just assume that it’ll clear up on its own, because chances are, it won’t. This sort of drama tends to get worse until something bad happens, like somebody leaving or a huge bust up ensuing. It’s up to you to figure out the cause of the drama and how you can stop it before it gets out of hand.

Failing To Ensure A Safe And Comfortable Workplace
The workplace must be safe and comfortable for employees. You can’t cut corners and try to save money by allowing them to work in a nasty workplace, or you could end up spending more money on professional negligence solicitors. You could cause injury or illness to an employee by failing to ensure that the workplace is safe. Make sure the workplace is the right temperature, a healthy place to be in, has natural light, is comfortable, and has amenities that they can use throughout the day. This can change depending on what you do, e.g. work on a construction site or in an office, however, it’s up to you to keep employees safe.

Treating Them Like Just Another Number
Treating your staff like just another number is a very quick way to see them head for the door. Show them you care, praise them for hard work, chat to them about what’s going on in their lives. Showing that you will go above and beyond for your staff is the key to making sure things work out in the long run.

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