Spontaneous Trips That Will Change Your Perspective

Vacations are relaxing. You book a couple of weeks off work and jet off to relax on some beach under the sun. You might go with your family, friends, or a partner and just unwind so as to block out the world. That’s one way of traveling but the other way involves something entirely opposite: letting the world in.
Perhaps you fancy an adventure rather than a vacation. That doesn’t mean you won’t be relaxing, but you certainly won’t be relaxing in the same way that you would by lazing on a lounger for a few hours every day. The following trip ideas might give you some inspiration to visit places that will give you a whole new perspective on the world.

This is a sprawling place to visit, and you might have no idea where to begin. Take this piece of advice: start with the Denali National Park. This is the pinnacle of nature’s beauty at its finest. Hop in your car and take a road trip through the 92-mile road which winds through the gorgeous environment of this natural habitat.
It’s definitely a side of America that you won’t get elsewhere; Arctic scenery, beautiful wildlife (though you shouldn’t get too close to the grizzly bears), and fun campsites. Whether you head off on a road trip or settle down with friends and family in a reservation site, you’ll have an experience like no other.

Iceland is a beautiful country. It’s an increasingly popular place to visit for this very reason. Reykjavik, in particular, is the hub to which most tourists flock, but you can hardly blame them given all that there is to see and experience here. There are incredible volcanoes and geysers to see. There’s even blue ice. These are all experiences that very few places in the world can boast, and it’s natural beauty that you really should see in the flesh; pictures can’t compare.
Talking about pictures not being enough, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do the Northern Lights work?” then you certainly will after seeing them with your own eyes across the Arctic sky. It’s one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights; the sky is clear, and the colors are incredibly vivid. Again, you might have seen photographs, but nothing compares to seeing something like that in person.


Start with Berlin. This city is packed full of history and culture that spans the entire country but it’s also a beautiful modern hub of activity. It has everything that you could possibly need if you have no idea where to begin with exploring this huge and multi-layered country. Berlin Cathedral is a beautiful sight and the perfect place to begin your adventure, but there’s also a lot of modernity to enjoy if you’re slightly younger and more into the fun aspects of a modern-day city. The night-life is particularly fun. It’s important to remember that the city and the country as a whole have come a long way over the past century. It embraces its past but it’s also very clear to separate itself from the past.

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