Dressing Like Steve McQueen: The Quintessence Of Style


The only person that managed to look cooler than on-screen Steve McQueen was off-screen Steve McQueen. He was just the epitome of everything badass. He was the rebel-rousing antagonist that saw a generation of men want to be him and a planet full of women swoon after him. But fifty-plus years later and his iconic style is needed now more than ever.

That’s because boys nowadays are wearing spray on white jeans, t-shirts so baggy they could be mistaken for dresses and such a little amount of sock anyone would think there is a cotton-crisis. Yeah, we as a species need a reminder of what a true gentleman looks like, the kind that managed to keep every lady on her toes and yet never once thought about treating her with anything but the utmost respect, even on an adventure.

So, in this era where being suave has become a forgotten art form, we have come up with the essential guide on how to emulate Steve McQueen’s classic Hollywood look. It’s time for the men to show the boys how it is done.

The Combination
Rocking a blazer over a turtleneck was one of his most famous looks and one he wore so often throughout the sixties. Simple and sophisticated and a great way to dress to impress when cooler weather turned up. However, what makes this outfit so appealing to the wearer is the seamless transition it offers, allowing you to go from a daytime exploit to an evening dinner party. Pair this with a pair of sunglasses and suede desert boots and you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

The Suit
If there is one thing McQueen will be remembered as it is a rogue, one that was admired by people of every background. This had a lot to do with his ability to wear something rough and ready, like a leather jacket and jeans, and yet still pull off a three-piece suit like he was born into it. Nailing this look with the same confidence as McQueen isn’t easy, but pulling the pieces together is. What you need is a Prince Of Wales check-suit, a light blue shirt with matching tie, a choice of vintage mens Rolex watches or a pocket watch and a pair of black brogues to top it all off. He may have been rough around the edges, but he wore a suit like the cleanest of them, and that is what you need to do.

The Basics
Steve’s most iconic look is the easiest to mimic and yet the hardest to pull off. All it was is a white t-shirt, well-worn jeans and a pair of canvas shoes. That’s it - a no-nonsense ensemble as simple as they come. What made it stand out, however, was the way he wore it. The tee fits like a glove, the jeans were worn in by time not fashion and the sneakers were about as unloved as anything you could see. It was like he didn’t care about it at all. It was a style that came together out of a dislike for style. If you’ve pulled this look on but found your reflection doesn’t mimic his coolness in any shape or form, then try putting on a pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses to give it that edge, and a denim jacket just for good measure. Double-denim was created by this God.

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