Don’t Get Robbed on Your Travels!

No one who travels ever wants to be in the position where their money, passport and other valuables are stolen from them, but in many parts of the world, there is a distinct possibility that it could happen. That’s why, whether you’re traveling to London or Lisbon, Budapest or Bangkok, you must take sensible precautions to protect yourself from robbery. Here are some tips to help you do that:

Plan for Problems

Before you go on a trip, you should set aside some cash for emergencies. Either leave that money in the bank or lock it up in the hotel’s safe, or have the details of a good emergency loan company on hand, so that, should the worst happen, and you are robbed, you will have enough cash to get yourself out of the sticky situation you’re in.

Be Aware of the Locals

Paying attention to the local people around you, wherever you are is always sensible because, if you can mimic the security measures they take, you should be fine. After all, they know better than anyone how safe an area is. So, if, for example, they cling to their bags on public transport, the risk of theft is probably very real. Whereas, if they aren’t particularly mindful of their possessions, it’s likely because they don’t need to be.

Being aware of the people around you will also alert you to any funny business that is going on, so you can remove yourself from any potentially threatening situations.

Be Careful at Night

Even places that are perfectly safe during the day can become completely different beasts at night, which is why if you’re serious about keeping yourself and your property safe, you should try to avoid walking alone at night, leave as many of your valuables at your hotel as possible and take taxis, especially in places you aren’t particularly familiar with.

Act Confident

Even if you’re in a new area and you feel wary of the people around you. Hold your head up high and walk with confidence. If you look nervous and you act like a tourist, you’ll put a target on your back that says you’re an easy mark and it won’t be long before you’re relieved of your possessions, if you really are in a dodgy area. If you look confident, any bad guys around will be wary of trying anything with you when there are other, easier marks around.

Keep it, Hidden

If there’s one thing that will attract the attention of muggers, it’s having your valuables on display. It really isn’t smart to take out your wallet in the street or walk along a dark city street talking on your iPhone – that’s just asking for trouble. So, if you’re at all worried about the area you’re in or the people around you, keep your stuff hidden away. There’s no reason to make yourself more of a target than you might already be.

Wear Tight Trousers

I know, it might not be a flattering look for everyone, but if you can wear tight trousers, it’s a lot harder for pickpockets to get at your stuff than it is if you’re wearing loose clothing or carrying your stuff in a bag!

How do you avoid theft when you’re traveling? Has it even been a problem for you?

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