Five Reasons to Buy a Used Car

So, you need a new car and you are stuck with where to start. New cars can be such a tempting purchase. They are sleek, they have zero mileage, when you drive off the lot you know that you are the first person to sink into those seats and Rev that engine. There are plenty of reasons out there for you to choose a new car, but most of them have to do with vanity more than anything else. 

The thing is, with all of those beautiful features of a new car, they also come with new car prices. New cars are expensive. They aren't just pricey because they're brand new, but because they come with a certain level of prestige. You can still have a classic car when you buy a used MG for sale, but it just may have a little wear and tear within it. It has a story. It has a past.As glamorous as that sounds, we do actually have some practical reasons as to why you should choose to buy a used car rather than a new one. Let's take a look.

  • A new car depreciates the moment you drive off. There is a certain sickening feeling that happens in your bones when you spend thousands of pounds on a brand new car, drive off the lot, and immediately realise that the car has lost 10,000 pounds in value. It's just sickening. A used car doesn't have the same issue. Yes, it loses some value, but new cars lose up to 30% of their total ticket value the moment you drive away. If you can't handle that level of last, stick with the used car.

  • You get so much more for your money. There's a very good chance you wouldn't actually be able to afford an MG vehicle without it being used. If you are looking for something classic, then take a look at the used options first. Not only will it give you time to learn whether or not it's the right brand for you, but you are going to get much more car for your cash. Your budget for a new car may only get you the base trim of your favourite model, but if you shop a few years ago, you might even come up with a top trim option.

  • The variety is hard to beat. You can pretty much choose from any available brand in the UK when you buy a used car. There are around 3 to 400 models of new car that go on sale in England every single year, but if you are looking for a specific brand that you have fallen in love with, you can just wait a year and you'll find the market flooded with them. You have to remember that there are people out there who only want a new car for as long as it's deemed new, and then they will upgrade it, much like they would their iPhones. All you have to do is wait for those people out. Eventually, they will sell the car that you were in love with, and you can snap it up. Don't forget, you can snap it up for a fraction of the price.

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