3 Reasons You Need Some Proper Sunglasses When Travelling

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You’re packing a bag to go travelling, and you need some vital accessories to bring with you. The sun cream is already in your bag, as is a hat and some sunglasses. However, your sunglasses are cheap ones you bought online for around £10. 

Why bother splashing the cash? They look the same as expensive sunglasses! 

Well, cheap ones are not really “proper” sunglasses. They’re cheap for a reason, and this is why you need to get yourself a better pair: 

Protect your eyes

Did you know that the cheap sunglasses you buy all the time won’t actually protect your eyes from the sunlight at all? Sure, it may feel as though they block out the light, but most of these come with cheap lenses that do not offer any UV protection at all. Therefore, you expose your eyes to UV light which can lead to problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. 

Moreover, cheap sunglasses don’t block out enough of the visible light, so they do not protect your eyes from glare. As a result, you run the risk of basically getting a sunburn on your eyes - which is not pretty and extremely painful. Proper sunglasses come with UV protection and protection from glare, keeping your eyes healthy. 

Improve your vision

You can get prescription sunglasses, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Good sunglasses that are properly made will have the right amount of tinting in the lens. This makes it easier for you to see everything without having to squint or deal with warped vision. 

Cheap sunglasses are usually overly tinted to give the illusion that you’re blocking out sunlight. Ironically, this only increases eye strain because you can barely see a thing as your vision is overly shaded and warped. Getting a proper pair of high-quality sunglasses will stop you from straining your eyes too much. 

Avoid broken sunglasses

Be honest, how many cheap pairs of sunglasses have you broken? It’s not your fault - they aren’t made to last. The lenses can pop out or crack with ease, the frames can snap after the tiniest bit of pressure; you’re really not getting a good product here at all! 

On the other hand, proper sunglasses from brands like 883 Police, Rayban or Oakley are built to last. This is why they are more expensive. They are built from better materials to ensure they can be worn again and again without fail. In many cases, you can spend a lot of money on some expensive sunglasses, but you will keep them for close to a lifetime - provided you look after them. With cheap ones, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, the glasses are prone to breaking all the time. 

So, before you go on your next sunny holiday, think about getting a pair of proper sunglasses. They must have adequate UV protection, they need to protect your eyes from glare and they should be very durable. This will ensure your eyes aren’t at risk of diseases, your vision isn’t at risk of deteriorating and you don’t have to worry about the glasses breaking after one day away. 

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