Your Guide To Buying The Ultimate Winter Coat

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Personally, I think shopping for a coat in winter is the easiest time of the year to go coat shopping. Getting a summer, spring or autumn coat is hard as you're looking for something that protects you from the elements but isn't too big and warm. In winter, you need to go all out and find yourself the ultimate warming coat. 

How do you make your choice? We've got a guide for you that shows the main winter coat options for men, along with some pros and cons of each:

Heavy parka coat

A heavy parka is one of the most common winter coats out there. It's a fantastic choice as you get a very thick and heavy coat that protects you from the cold, but they can also be waterproof if you buy a high-quality one. They typically run down to just below your hips, though you can find longline ones that go to your knees. If it's very cold where you live, these coats are often used by Arctic explorers, so you know they're worth the money. 

Puffer jackets

With a puffer jacket, you have a big puffy coat that's lined with some sort of filling to keep you warm and snug. They're arguably the most stylish option out there, but the only bad thing is that it's hard to find puffer jackets that are 100% waterproof. Usually, they're good in a shower, but if the rain is heavy they can be breached. These coats are perfect when the temperature drops below freezing because of how insulative they are. Additionally, they're designed to be big and oversize, leaving plenty of room for added layers. Something like a Nehru gilet goes well with a puffer jacket, adding further warmth to your winter outfits.

Duffle coat

Duffle coats are great if you have a somewhat formal event to attend - or you want a smart winter coat to go to work in. They're a type of overcoat that can run long on your body, keeping you well-protected from the cold. The style of these coats is what makes them so popular, but they're also extremely warm when you wear one. The only downside is that they are typically made from wool, so they can get very soggy if you're caught in a downpour. This is definitely a coat to wear on dry winter mornings!


Lastly, you could opt for the always popular windbreaker. This is a jacket/coat that reaches your hips and is designed to resist the high winds that come along in the winter months. They stop you from catching a chill when you're out, but they're light enough to let you layer up underneath. Most are waterproof as well, so they're brilliant raincoats at the same time. Just be sure you wear something warm underneath as they aren't as insulative as other winter coat options. 

There you have it; a selection of winter coat ideas for men to explore. Realistically, it's good to have a combination of coats for different situations. Don't be afraid to buy expensive coats as they are an investment - you can spend a lot of money on one that will last for many years, or keep buying cheap coats that need to be replaced every winter. Which do you think is the smartest choice?

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