Tips to Keep in Mind When Learning to Drive

Passing your driving test can open up a whole world of new possibilities. However, the whole process of finding a driving instructor, taking lessons and the subsequent tests can be lengthy. To cut down on how long it takes to pass your driving test, you naturally want to be looking at passing as soon as possible. 

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On average, most people pass their driving tests on the second or third try, with almost all drivers passing before their fifth test.

If you want to pass your driving test the first time, there are some tips to help you to get your license quicker.

Book Your Theory Test In Advance

You can book your driving theory test for pretty much anytime, even if you haven't had any lessons. As long as you have a provisional license, you can book in. While you are learning how to drive in your practical lessons, you can take in some Driving Theory Revision to boost your knowledge and skills and make sure you pass your theory test quickly so you can book in for your practical test.

Listen to Your Instructor

Different instructors have different teaching methods, and they will use the skills they have to teach you in the best way. You need to pay attention to what your instructor is trying to teach you to ensure you are getting the most from your lessons. Avoid listening to other drivers who might have picked up bad habits and are undermining your instructor. Remember, they do this for a living, meaning they know exactly what you need to know to drive properly and pass your test.

Don't Skimp on Lessons.

Once you feel confident in your driving abilities, it might feel like you are treading water until you take your test. Make sure to keep on top of your lessons to support your skills and knowledge. If you don't need to work with an instructor for practical skills, use this time to build your experience and confidence. Your instructor will support this as the more prepared you are for your test, the better their pass rate.

Relaxation Skills

Nerves are a normal part of learning to drive. And many people feel like their nerves get the better of them when they come to take their actual test. Before test day arrives, or before your lessons in the run-up to taking your test, try to manage your nerves using various relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness etc.

Book Your Test for The Morning

If you find your nerves are likely to get out of control, book your test for earlier in the day to get it over and done with. Avoid booking during rush hour to escape the roads being extra busy and use your instructor's car to know what to expect, where everything is, and you will be more comfortable.

Arrive at your test centre in plenty of time on test day to ensure you aren't rushed, and you arrive with plenty of time to prepare yourself.

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