5 Ways to Maximise Your Downtime

 How do you spend your downtime? The hustle is real, and it is hard, but when your body needs a break, you need to be able to allow this to happen to help your body rest and relax before you reach burnout.

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Many people love to be on the go, and being busy is part of how they thrive in this role. But that doesn't mean you should neglect your downtime. Knowing when to stop and rest is as important as knowing when you push through to get the results you desire in life.

How can you make your downtime count?

Take A Break

When was the last time you took a trip that wasn't work-related? Neglecting to take your vacation or even book a night away can make you feel as though life is relentless and all-consuming. A break away doesn't mean hitting a beach and lounging around for a week. It can be doing something that you enjoy, even just for a night or two. So get out your diary and schedule a trip that doesn't involve work.

Broaden Your Mind

If stopping and relaxing seems too much like hard work, then coupling this with something relaxing can help you still feel productive while getting the rest you need. Ideal ways of doing this are listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or checking out new documentaries on topics you are interested in. While you are relaxing, you are stimulating your mind too and potentially learning something new. Be careful not to use this as an education time, though, strictly enjoyment only.

Get Active

Head to the gym, go for a hike, or head out to watch a football game to find out who will win the World Cup? Giving your mind something other than work to focus on can help you establish that break while still making the most of your downtime. Exercise is also a great stress reliever, so you can benefit from all-around health benefits for mind and body, while enjoying your favorite sports can offer you a stress release and a way to express your emotions.

Self Care

Self-care is vital to help you perform at your best. You shouldn't neglect your needs as burnout is a real possibility, especially in today's hectic and stressful world. Take the time to find something you want to do to make you happy, and then see it through. Maximizing your downtime isn't always about getting a headstart. It is about nourishing your body and supporting your mental health, and self-care is a great way to do this.

Have Fun

Life isn't all about work. No one will reach the end of their life and wish they had worked more hours. So don't let life pass you by as you hustle and miss out on everything there is to experience. Write a bucket list, dedicate blocks of time away from work to indulge in all the things you want to try, and have fun. After all, you do work hard enough; your downtime needs to work hard for you too.

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