Tips On How To Keep Your Car Fresh

 Just think about the first time you sat in your newly bought vehicle. It's a special feeling, the smell, the clean look, and the sense of adventure. Unfortunately, that new fresh feeling fades rather quickly for most people when the hustle and bustle of life take its toll on you and your vehicle. Considering the harsh conditions our cars are required to operate in, they can often pick up nicks and scratches. They also lose their shine, inside and out. Here are a few tips on keeping your car attractive and fresh.

The Interior Matters

Your car is your second home. It's where you spend lots of your time, so the interior should be clean and fresh for maximum comfort. In addition, a clean car interior can boost your mood by giving you the feeling of being organised and feeling in control. This can have a positive psychological effect on your mood and morale when you're driving around town or going on long trips for business reasons.

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Try Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

When you're driving, it's very easy to let the time slip by. You might get lost in your thoughts or play a favourite song on repeat where you don't even realise what is happening around you. When this happens, your car's interior can become dirty and cluttered with all sorts of junk that builds up over time without notice. The best course of action is to sort this out daily. Every time you arrive home after a day's commute, make sure to remove all the papers and garbage your car has managed to gather for the day.

Give Your Car Interior A Good Cleaning Weekly

A weekly cleaning schedule will take less than 30 minutes each week to complete. In addition, following a cleaning routine could extend the life of your vehicle's interior, keeping it fresher for longer. Consider all the aspects of your car's interior. Some more profound interior cleaning activities like washing carpets might not need weekly attention but rather every two weeks.

Your Car's Exterior

Give Your Car A Regular Wash

The exterior cleaning needs of your vehicle will significantly depend on the environment you use this vehicle in. This could mean washing your car daily or washing your car once a week. We do, however, recommend not leaving it for longer than a week. Another critical tip is to give your vehicle a protective wax application to guard against the harsh Australian weather.

Consider Giving Your Car A Polish

A simple hand polish can go a long way to making your car's paint job look new and sparkling. This is an excellent way to remove minor scratches from your paint job and revitalise your paint job's colour.

Don’t Forget About Your Wheels

They often take the brunt of the action of the road. Your wheels can sometimes pick up scratches from road hazards or curbs; your best bet is to have them repaired. Having your alloy wheels repaired might be easier and cheaper than you thought. You can visit an alloy wheel repair specialist's website, such as Platinum Wheel Repair, to give them their shine back. If your wheels are in good condition, remember to give them a polish too. You might even want to consider removing your car wheels once a month to clean in all of the hard to reach areas.

Keeping your car clean can be a challenging prospect. The key is in preventing a worst case scenario. Don't leave your car's cleaning needs neglected for more than two weeks, and you'll make light work of it.

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