Whoever Said Fishing Wasn't Cool Clearly Didn't Know That These Gents Do It

Let’s not beat around the bush; fishing tends to get a bad rep. Those who don’t know any better assume this is the reserve of lazy guys who have nothing better to do. And, on the surface, it can look like sitting around not doing much. You’d certainly be hard pressed to sell this as a ‘cool’ hobby. Akin to watching lorries, saying you’re going fishing has negative connotations.

Of course, as a keen fisherman, you know that this is all false. In truth, fishing is a cool sport to take part in indeed. Not only does it give you time to reflect, but it also provides plenty of action. It’s the perfect compromise for the modern man. And, it’s a pastime you deserve to enjoy without shame.

The goods news is that we have a trump card which you can pull out next time someone laughs at you for donning those fingerless fishing gloves. Believe it or not, some of the coolest men on this planet enjoy fishing. Consider, for example, these iconic figures who love nothing better than heading to the lake.

Barack Obama

They do say that everyone needs a hobby, and 44th president Obama is no exception. This iconic figure has been snapped on fishing trips in Montana and New York in the past. He's also made no qualms about his love for the hobby. He was even given a fly fishing rod for his birthday by avid supporters. When you think about it, it’s no surprise fishing would be a go-to for the most iconic political figure of our generation. What better way to blow off steam? One thing’s certain; no one could accuse Obama of being ‘uncool’.

David Beckham

English footballer David Beckham also shouts loud and proud about his love of this past time. Most recently, he shared snaps of his whole day fishing with his two sons back last May. And, these aren’t the only pictures the world has seen of Beckham and his fishes. But, let’s break this down. If one of the world’s most iconic former footballers ever isn’t ashamed to get his rod out, then neither should you be. Just remind the haters of that next time they laugh you all the way to the lake.

Tiger Woods

The celebrity sightings don’t end there, either. Last, let’s consider Tiger Woods. This iconic golfing star makes no secret of the fact that he enjoys dipping a foot in the fishing world. Interviews reveal that he enjoys spearfishing in particular. When asked about this hobby, Woods stated, “I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it’s so relaxing, so quiet and peaceful.’ Isn’t that something we can all agree on Mr Woods?

Breaking a stigma isn’t easy. Your family may take a while to get out of the habit of laughing at your love of fishing. Keep at it, though, and you may just achieve the levels of cool which these gentlemen always seem to manage.

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