Sports To Learn After The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics 2018 has recently come to an end, and millions of people all over the world tuned in to see how their country did in the snow and on the slopes this year. There is something about the Olympics which inspires hope and ambition in all kinds of people, and whether you live near a ski slope or not, watching people represent your country in such an amazing way can have a huge affect on how we feel and act.

If you are looking for some winter sports to have a go at now that the Olympics has come to an end, here are some of the ones you might want to try out!

Alpine Skiing

Skiing is most possibly the most popular of winter sports, with people all over the world taking part in Ski lessons and having trips to the alps for a play in the snow. Skiing is a sport which appeals to any type of person at any age. It is fun, pretty straightforward to learn and it is also very diverse. You can either stick to the simple slopes at your local arena, or be more brave and try out the slalom for yourself. It is a sport which you can have fun with at any stage and is one you should definitely give a try this year.

Figure Skating

Watching people dance around with such grace on the ice can inspire us to go out and try the same ourselves, but don’t think that the pop up skating rink in your city at Christmas is a substitute for a real rink. You will find skating rinks all over the country, and once you get inside on you will see how vast and glorious it is. Sure, you might not be ready to perform a twirl or skate backwards for a long time, but you can still have some fun skating around by yourself or with a friend.


The bobsled is a sport which might scare the pants off you when you see it on the TV, but be aware that if you want to learn how to do this you won’t be fired off from anywhere near this height. The bobsled requires teamwork and balance, and it can actually be a really fun sport to take part in as long as you dedicate yourself to it and be careful. You never know, one day you could be bringing your country into the Winter Olympics with this sport just like they did in Cool Runnings!

Cross-Country Skiing

If you already know how to work the slopes, then the next step for you is to master the art of cross country skiing. Because this is no longer in a controlled environment it can be a lot more difficult to keep control and is a little more dangerous too, however it is also incredibly fun to do. You can really push yourself to your limits with this sport and allow yourself to learn something much more challenging. It can be incredibly fun and very satisfying when you finish a track without falling over.


Other than skiing, curling is perhaps the most popular Winter Olympics sport, and this might simply be because it is an easily accessible sport by many people. Think of bowls on ice. This sport is one which you can play if you are 12 years old or even if you are 72 years old. It is a fun, easy to learn sport which can make a really great activity for you and your friends. All you will need is a slippery surface, a broom and something the slide…

Freestyle Skiing

Skiing may come up a fair few times in this article, but as we said earlier this is simply because skiing is an incredibly diverse sport. Freestyle skiing is the ultimate way to have fun while you tread the slopes, and you can perform tricks and weave in and out of slaloms as you show off how well you can control yourself on the snow. It is one for the more adventurous of us but it can be incredibly fun to learn!

Ice Hockey

Hockey is a sport which most us will learn during our school years, and will often involve us getting hit hard in the shins by a wooden bat as we run after a tiny ball. Ice hockey is exactly the same as regular hockey, except you have a slippery surface to contend with as well as a huge black puck. You have to be willing to get gritty on this one because it can be very challenging and many players end up with bloody noses. If you are happy enough to take part and risk an injury, it can be a really rewarding team sport which will make you proud to be on the team and on the ice.

Ski Jump

If you have ever seen the film about Eddie the Eagle, then you may know how hard ski jump can be, but also how amazing it can feel once you land a perfect jump. Ski jump is not for the faint hearted and if you can’t handle heights, this is not the sport for you at all. If you love the adrenaline you get as you ride a rollercoaster then this sport is perfect for you. The key to ski jump is your positioning and your balance. If you have good balance, you will likely be able to make that perfect jump without hurting yourself.


Lastly we are going to look at snowboarding. If you have ever trying skateboarding and got fairly good at it, then snowboarding is the next step up for you and will be a really fun sport for you to learn. The beauty of this sport is that you get to perform some amazing tricks and sumo,y have fun on the snow as you would on the road. It can be the perfect sport for anyone who fancies a new challenge.

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