How To Nail Office Wear...As A Man

Most of the articles you see about fashion on the internet are geared toward women. Years and years of men wearing suits and shirts to the workplace has meant that there isn’t a lot of room for individuality as a working man. We are, however, entering a golden era in fashion for men, which is seeing designers moving away from the traditional three-piece suit for the office and into a more flexible attitude toward work attire. Suits are still very much a feature in the office boardroom, but more and more companies are allowing both men and women to choose their own workplace uniform.
People appreciate professionalism, and while companies may encourage you to style it out with your individuality, you may find that you cannot go full grunge in the office just yet. Keeping the cool skull cufflinks for dress down Friday instead of that Monday morning meeting may still be a good idea while your company gets up to date with what century we are in! There are many looks that you can wear in the office while staying up to date, and we’ve got some of them for you below:

The Smart One
While it isn’t a compulsory thing, a suit still yields some power in the office these days. It can make you feel taller, look broader and exude confidence all at the same time. A suit always manages to make you look good, even without trying too hard! A suit can also give you that touch of class and people are impressed simply by looking at you!

The Simple One
The single-breasted suit is just as popular now as the double breasted has been. There are so many ways that you can dress it up, from pocket squares that match your tie to patterned suit jackets. Don’t forget the simplest rule: block coloured shirts mean patterned ties and vice versa!

The Sharp One
You can pull off a relaxed work look and still manage to jazz it up by adding smart staples to the outfit. A casual outfit is instantly smarter when paired with a suit jacket, smart watch or smart pair of shoes. Wearing a shirt without a tie is a great way to tone down a professional look in the right setting.

The Casual One
We’ve gone through the various ways to smarten up an outfit, but depending on your field a smart work outfit may not fit in. Creative industries often prefer their workers to dress down and be more approachable. If you prefer to keep your casual wardrobe totally separated from your workwear, you can easily dress down a suit by wearing denim jeans instead of suit trousers.

Mixing up a smart look with a casual one is a good way to convey professionalism while still maintaining a sense of style. Why conform to the old-fashioned ways when you can tweak any look into what you want to wear yourself? Be stylish, be bold and don’t be afraid to stand out.

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