The Best Holiday Destinations For Football Fans

Some people go on holiday for the sights, others for the food, or maybe it’s the weather that you’re after. But some families are after something different entirely. If your family are mad about football, then a football themed holiday is the perfect thing. They’re also great for stag do’s. You might not have realised that such a thing existed, but it does. There are amazing places all over the world where you and your family can spend a week getting your football fix, these are some of the best ones.


St. George’s Park

If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a holiday abroad, there are still great places you can go at home. St. George’s Park is home to the England Football Association’s National Football centre where the national teams train. But they also have a Hilton hotel there as well where anybody can stay as a guest. They offer great tours of the whole place so you can see where the magic happens. The hotel is full of great details for football lovers including suites named after iconic players.

La Manga Club, Spain

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and hands on, the La Manga Club in Spain is worth a look. While you’re in the country, you can also go and visit the FC Barcelona ground. This guide on how to watch Barcelona will tell you everything you need to know about seeing one of the best teams in the world. When you’re not there, you can relax at the La Manga resort area between playing. The resort has eight full sized pitches and they run a football academy for children of three to eighteen years so if your kids are mad about football, they’ll absolutely love it there.

Verdura Resort, Sicily

The Verdura Resort was the training ground for the German national team before the 2010 world cup. The amazing resort on the coast is now home to the Juventus FC training camp that you can take the kids to. It’s only for children aged between five and eighteen but there are plenty of other things for the parents to do nearby while the kids are in their coaching sessions.

Forte Village, Sardinia

This luxury resort in Sardinia is home to the Chelsea Football Club Soccer School. Any kids between the ages of four and fourteen can apply for places in the coaching school and it’s aimed at kids that are more serious about pursuing professional football. There are specialist sessions for goalkeepers, strikers, and defenders so as well as having a great holiday, it’s a good chance for your children to hone their skills. If you think that your kids might have the potential to be good at football, take them to Forte Village.

A good football holiday makes a nice change from your standard holiday and your football crazy family will thank you for it. Even if you aren’t into football yourself, there are still plenty of great sights to see outside of the resorts so it’s still worth going. 

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