The Best Stag Do Ideas You'll See This Year

So, you’ve been tasked with organising your best mate’s stag do. All of a sudden you’re feeling the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. The biggest thing on your mind is trying to work out exactly what you’re going to do to make that stag do a fantastic event. It’s an all-consuming experience, and you’re worried you’ll mess up.

Not to worry. Here are some ideas that’ll make your pal’s stag do amazing.

Man And Food Combined
We’ve all heard of Man vs. Food. But what about “Man Making Food”? Now it’s possible to have an entire stag party organised around the simple act of cooking. Given that so few of us cook anymore, this sort of event has become something of a novelty. And, by the way, an excellent way to have fun.

Have you ever wished that you could just make a pizza without having to spend half your money on ordering one? Well, why not learn how to do it while having a drink at the same time? Go out, make some food, and make sure you and the rest of the boys have full bellies and smiles on your faces.

Tasting Experiences
Stag parties usually revolve around drinking. So why not make drinking the official event? Now you can go to breweries and learn about different types of beer and spirits. Most establishments will let you taste different drinks too. Heck, you might even become something of a connoisseur. There are plenty of places you can go, like the Heineken factory in Amsterdam or the Guinness factory in Dublin.


Go To Cornwall
When you think of Cornwall, you probably think of peaceful beaches and idyllic English countryside. But Cornwall is also a Mecca for best men looking for a fantastic stag do destination. Cornwall just happens to be home to some of the country’s best beaches and surf. Places like Sennen Cove get big waves that have built up far out in the Atlantic, making it a great place to try water sports.

Newquay is the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. This town is like a little Ibiza, full of places to eat and drink. And so it’s no surprise that it has gained something of a reputation.

Is the best man a bit of a petrol head? Well, if he is, you might want to consider a track day at somewhere like Donington Park. Track days are great events. Here’s the one time you get to let rip in a car and see just what it and you can do.


Most track days will also come with some type of instruction on how to drive quickly around the track. So, again, you turn the stag party into a learning experience for everybody.

Of course, regular motoring isn’t your only option. You could opt for something a little less expensive, like quad-biking or rage buggies. But it’s all just about the same when it comes to the level of fun. One thing’s for certain: the stag himself will never forget it.

Eastern Pub Crawl
Thanks to Easyjet and Ryanair, flights to Eastern Europe have never been cheaper. And that means that these Eastern drinking destinations have been opened up like never before to the Western market. Places like Bratislava and Riga offer some of the best drinking locations on the planet. And it’s all thanks to their Soviet Bloc heritage and love of hard spirits.

What’s more, the drink itself is still really cheap. And that means that you can have a couple of great nights out for about half of what it would cost back home.

Go To The Banger Races
Banger racing is one of those things that most men would probably enjoy, but too few actually do. For whatever reason, banger racing has seen its heydey come and go. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to see anymore. The sport itself is still going. And it can be a great place to have a drink, have a laugh and watch crazy people smash up cars.

Go For A Spot Of Golf

Golf isn’t something that many of us associate with stag dos. But when you think about it, golf has all the elements. First of all, it has the clubhouse - the provider of drink. Second, it has plenty of activities for people to try. Yes, obviously the primary activity is doing rounds of golf on the course. But most golf clubs have their own driving ranges and even swing coaches. And finally, it has the atmosphere. Golf clubs are usually classy places that let you live it up.

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