Take An Adventure Holiday To Give Your Mind and Body a Boost

The science between why we feel the way we feel is still in its infancy, but there are some things that we know. For example, two things that can give our mental health a boost are the outdoors and physical activity. Why this should be the case is still unclear, but we get the feelgood chemicals pumped into our brain when we do them, so it’s important that we make them a part of our life. Below, we take a look at why your next holiday should be an adventure trip into the outdoors, and how you can do that.

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The Fitness Factor

Your physical fitness and mental well-being aren’t two separate factors; they feed into one another. If you’re getting enough physical exercise, then you’ll be fit and healthy - and you’ll have the corresponding mood to show for it. Being in prime shape is a boost to our confidence and self-esteem, which can improve our mental wellbeing. Even on a purely practical level, getting active causes our body to release dopamine, which, for lack of better word, makes us feel good.

The Outdoors Factor

We spend so much of our time indoors that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s natural, but it’s not. Humans belong in the outdoors. Spending just fifteen minutes in the great outdoors is enough to boost our mood, make us more creative and able to concentrate, and reduces our anxiety. Getting these benefits doesn’t require anything overly elaborate: virtually any time spent outdoors, somewhere scenic and away from man-made structures, will do it (though it’ll be all the better if the sun is shining).

Combining the Two

Since we know these two things, it makes sense to do something that combines both of them, such as take an active holiday somewhere scenic! Holidays have also been shown to boost our mood (for up to a month after returning home), making it a perfect activity for when the mood is low. There are two prime candidates for this type of excursion: a walking holiday or a cycling holiday. You’ll be in the great outdoors with either activity and be getting fit and healthy at the same time.  

What You’ll Need

It’ll take some planning to organize this type of getaway. First, you’ll need the equipment, such as hiking boots or a bike, a backpack, and the essential equipment for when venturing into the outdoors. You’ll also need to pick a route, and book accommodation for along the way. Finally, make sure you have travel and mtb insurance so that you’re covered in case something goes wrong during your adventuring. Beyond those things, it’s all about getting out into a natural playground and giving your all round health a boost.

Incorporating It Into Your Routine

Once you’ve had a week or so of biking or hiking, you’ll be in love with the activity enough to make it part of your routine. When you return home, make sure you’re regularly getting into the outdoors; you’ll be giving your well being a massive boost!

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