Fancy A Holiday Which Can Rival A Movie Script? Here's Our Fun-Filled Guide

Many people understand the necessity of a good holiday. They help us unwind, come to terms with how we like to spend our free time, help us explore more of the world and understand foreign cultures better. They give us experiences and imbue us with vitality which can only be experienced through stimulation of your adventuring spirit. However, not all holidays are the same. A quiet retreat for yourself and family will look much different than a holiday celebrating the upcoming event of a friend’s marriage, or a holiday travelling in a gap year before the responsibilities of university call.

If looking to celebrate with wildness and style, only the best will do. In this case, you’ll want to visit locations and experience things which truly help you feel alive, which give you that sense of adventuring up to a volume of eleven. This guide will help you begin the process of celebrating life in a way that can rival and be superior to even the most exciting movie script:

Identify Your Tastes

If celebrating a marriage, consider the tastes of the most important person in the group, the one who is to be wed soon. If simply attending an adventuring holiday with a group of friends, bring everyone around the same table and throw out ideas of what you’d like to experience. It’s likely that the same ideas will come up - beaches, partying, and adventure sports. Maybe even an expedition through cultural territory will be popular.

This will all depend on the personalities and likes of the group around you. Identifying yours and their tastes will help you understand exactly what to prioritise first. This will also give you the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone if required, taking the most popular ideas and turning them on their head completely. If they’re looking for an adventuring holiday in the form of a road trip, why not head across the sea and visit the location with the highest number of casinos per capita in Europe? There will always be a great substitute such as these compared to Las Vegas. European cities can be cheaper to travel to, more culturally rewarding as well as granting you access to some of the boons of these cultures, such as impeccable food and beautiful


Planning a military-like operation which takes into account all of the needs of your group and provides satisfaction for them all can be a great way to do it. A movie-like wild holiday will have very little time for relaxing, but if it does make sure it’s in the most appropriate places, such as helping you overcome jet lag or providing recuperation time after the wildest nights. Just because you want a heavy and hard vacation doesn’t mean you should neglect the health of your group. A solid itinerary of what you’d like to experience will help you stay invested in the trip, and get your money's worth out of the whole experience.


Experimenting with your experience is the best and most practical way of keeping the holiday dynamic, and generating the kind of stories you want to experience. Why not take an expedition along the Santiago de Compostela, walking along the famous pilgrim's route with your friends and sample the authentic winemaking and produce restaurants along the way? Overcoming some form of challenge such as this with friends, while initially seeming limited in its hedonism, can help you craft memories that really mean something. This is the heart of experimentation - taking people you love spending time with and walking out into the frontier together, experiencing something new which forces your true personality to show.

If you usually enjoy the comforts of a summer holiday, why not all consider taking a skiing holiday, which can help you meet like minded groups, while introducing you to an activity which is super fun but difficult to master? Again, experimentation can be king when taking a holiday with friends. The super relaxed holidays can be reserved for the years you will spend with your family in the future. For now, it’s wise to adventure.

Add In Silliness

The best methods for overcoming a tightly organized holiday is to add some silliness to it. While you may not be able to fully replicate comedy movies such as the Hangover regarding waking up with a tiger in your hotel room, you can surely experience odd and wonderful features of the locations you inhabit if you only seek them out. Taking bungee lessons for those brave enough to try it, running into paintballing facilities or simply taking part in the carnivals & festivities if lucky enough to be visiting at the time these are taking place can help you add some of that naturally found celebration into your trip.

These tips can help you craft one of the most enjoyable trips possible!

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