Does Your Home Sweet Home Live Up To Your Expectations?

There’s one thing that comes with home ownership, and that’s the sense of freedom that you lacked as a tenant. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter anymore if you wish to paint the walls or if you have pets. It’s your home, and you don’t need to ask anyone else for permission – except for the people you live with, of course. For all first-time home buyers, buying a home is about buying your freedom. But being free to do what you want at home doesn’t make it the sweet little place you’ve dreamed of. It’s yours, but it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. How come? Well, let’s say that sometimes your home simply doesn’t live up to your expectations. Sometimes, you need more than a proof of ownership to turn a house into a home you love and cherish. Care to find out more? Here are the three main area of concern for new homeowners.

The excitement of local surroundings
Buying a home is a big decision. And while you need to consider your choice of mortgage carefully, you will also need to focus on the location. Living close to big towns, or directly in their centres, allows you to be part of a cultural hub of activities. While all eyes are on London, for those who live around Edinburgh or Swansea, the potential of an exciting social life – and why not, exciting staycation – is an important factor of satisfaction. You may want a quiet and peaceful estate, but you don’t want a remote location where the closest shops are several miles away.

The joy of home décor
Your house is the structure; your home is what you make it. What this means is that it takes more than just hanging a home sweet home sign in the hall to transform a house into a home. What it takes is careful and attentive interior décor. As silly as it might sound, your décor creates the ambiance. There’s, however, one tiny problem about decorating: It’s an expensive activity. From furnishing the living room to creating the perfect Feng Shui bedroom, you’ll find that credit purchases can at the same time improve your home and damage your finances. More often than not, homeowners need to run additional loans for home improvements. If you choose against it, you might struggle with credit card repayment and may need the advice of consolidation.creditcard. In the end, the lesson is obvious: Home décor is expensive, but it has a permanent impact on your feeling in your home. Being broke in a pretty home is, unfortunately, a common result.  

The safety of the family nest
What’s a safe home? Let’s ignore the burglary risks for one second and focus on the environmental factors. greenandhealthyhomes.org has made its mission to identify the health hazards in homes and warn its clients about the risk of lead, pests, mould and tobacco in their structure. In the end, it seems that a home that protects the planet also protects the people who live in it. Renewable energy and healthy living may not be your cup of tea, but they create a safe nest for you and your family.

The expectations of a home sweet home are varied. It’s a place that facilitates social entertainments, it’s a place that makes you feel welcome, and finally, it’s a place that looks after you and the planet. Maybe it’s time to bring our homes up to the challenge of modern home ownership.

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