Think Outside The Box: What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want?

If you're in the early stages of planning a wedding and are stuck on ideas - this is probably because of the vast variety out there. As long as you can get all the appropriate people to the destination safe and sound, then you can literally get married anywhere.

First, you should think about who you plan on inviting, because you don't want to plan a location, only to find out your favourite Grandparents aren't able to make it because they can't get on an aeroplane. So be sure to speak to all potential guests first, and then plan around who can and can't make it. Prepare yourself for some disappointment though, as not everyone may be able to come - but don't completely change your plans to suit them. It's your big day remember - don't settle for any less.

If you and your partner love a hot location with a lovely view of the ocean, as the breeze gently pulls at your hair, then a beach wedding may be perfect for you. You may have already gone on holiday there and always said you'd come back one day, or maybe you've seen some photos online and wanted to know more.
Try to plan on going out of season as the prices will be considerably lower than in the summer time, plus it won't be crowded by tourists. - Not to mention the photo opportunities you'll have! Just think of that sunset.

One of the benefits of having your wedding held at an exclusive venue like Hotel Evesham is that you have the staff waiting on you hand and foot, giving you all they possibly can to make your day run smoothly. They will most likely provide you with their own catering staff to ensure you have a delicious menu planned, with all the hard work that goes into a day like this so you don't have to worry about a thing. Because of the size, you are able to accommodate up to 180 people in an evening which allows you to invite all of your closest friends and family.

Yes... Underwater. Anything is possible remember! If you consider yourself to be a water baby - a mermaid in fact - then why not get married to the love of your life under the sea? Although you may not be able to have all of your guests join you, you will be able to have an intimate moment that a professional underwater photographer will be able to capture for you.

You could even hire a boat for your family and friends to stay on while your ceremony is happening. Then you can hop aboard, have a quick change, and enjoy the party until the early hours.

These are just a few of the many different possibilities you have, so have a daydream. Visualise an array of locations and settings and see what feels right. Talk with your partner, along with your families, and see what they think. But remember - this is your big day, so as long as the both of you are happy with your final decision, that's all that matters.

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