Americans Are Trying To Immigrate To Canada, Here's What They Can Look Forward To

After the shock results of the American election were released something  incredible happened. The Canadian immigration website crashed, and you might think that it’s just a weird coincidence. Today however it emerged that Americans desperate to leave the country after Trump was voted in really did crash the city. It’s led me to wonder what will await those successful who move forward with their plans to immigrate after Trump gets elected.

Stunning Scenery

If you have never been to Canada, you’re really missing out. You may not know this but moving to Canada is almost as difficult as moving to America. If you want to travel there for a short time, you can easily get a visa, and you can click here for more information on that. But immigrating? That’s another matter entirely and can take years. Particularly, if you have no job waiting for you once you get there. So, what makes Canada such a popular place to live.

Well, the scenery is incredible and absolutely stunning. In the summer months, you will have lush, green forestry to explore. The national parks are filled with animals and nature that are a wonder to see. In fact, if I were heading to Canada I think I'd spend the first couple of days camping. You should just forget about the hotel when you have the chance to get lost in the wilderness like this.

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

If you’re interesting in waking up to snow on Christmas morning every year, Canada is the place for you. It’s one of the only places in the world where a white Christmas is nothing short of a guarantee. Now, you might think that this makes Canada a difficult place to live for a lot of the year. It’s true, the roads can be treacherous, particularly in the mountains. But Canadians get by and always make the best of the bad weather. Don’t worry, it’s not freezing for long, and you can look forward to beautiful, long summers.

Diet America

Those immigrating from America looking for a fresh start filled with new possibilities are in for a shock. Canada isn’t that different to America in many ways. They have the same type of politics, similar laws and a near identical society. If you want to annoy a Canadian, calling them American is the best way to do it. But actually, they aren’t all that different. Though no doubt some of the people who immigrate will miss the fast paced lifestyle of their previous home. The legendary Robin Williams once described Canada as being a locked apartment over a really great party.

Filled With Celebs

Okay, it’s not yet, but it soon will be. Joe Nobodies weren’t the only people to threaten to move to Canada is Trump was elected. Plenty of celebrities made the exact same promise. So, it will be interesting to see whether they stick to their word. Who knows, maybe the entire population of Hollywood will relocate to Montreal. Somehow, I very much doubt it. It’s likely that all those seeking out immigration possibilities will simply cool off and ride out the storm. Although, that doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t head to Canada for a vacation sometime. It is a wonderful place to visit.

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