Top Reasons Why Silent Cinema is Making a Noise

Silent Cinema > Netflix and chill.

Sounds too good to be true? Well at the heart of Covent Garden in St. Martin’s Courtyard it all happened and was proven.

I was one of the lucky winners of the hot ticket to Silent Cinema. At first I am going to deal with the Charlie Chaplin-starred films. But it was a celebration of the Best of British films made by Brits and shot here in Britain. It was an impressive list of favourites such as Shaun of the Dead, Billy Elliot, and the film that we watched; Atonement.

I know for a fact that Keira Knightley and James McAvoy were not having a silent act on this beautiful drama film set in World War II. Definitely there’s nothing silent about this fantastic novel-turned-film from 2007. It is a heartbreaking film for me that touches on romance, war and most importantly it involves a nurse! A nurse cleaning out the toilet and other unmentionables! ;)

Top Reasons Why Silent Cinema is Making a Noise

  1. That feeling of exclusivity that results with a riddled face to the casual passerby seeing a seated crowd laughing, crying, scared in unison.
  2. You can watch you favourite flick under the stars blanketed by the night sky.
  3. You wear wireless headphones which means just you and the film. It isolates typical movie house nuisances such as : 
    • The obnoxiously loud group behind you that chats and moans throughout an entire film.
    • The noisy eater that probably munches his/her popcorn with a wide open mouth.
    • That off-timed knee-jerk reaction.
  4. No need to miss out the important part of the film to run for a soda refill or a pack of Haribo; your restaurants are literally around you. You can even do a quickie shop if you want to up the ante.
  5. Tickets are absolutely free. (Oh and plus a goodie bag with popcorns, cocktails, soft drinks and vouchers too!)
The GOOD goodie bag.
Nurses in action! 
I brought along the 'Haze' to watch and munch with.

Did somebody say there’s nothing better than ‘netflix and chill’? Well, they haven’t tried ‘Silent Cinema and chill’ yet!

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