Travel Essentials for your Getaway (or Zombiepocalypse)

You want to travel.

You ogle at travel photos of your friends.
You want that sun, that sand, that tan.
You want that beachbody.
You got some sale tickets away from home and work. 
You got your monthly pay. 
You have your travel buddies all set.

And since you like to be organised once in a while, you need to make a list for travel essentials. And then, since you're going somewhere quite exotic, you must consider your priorities. So you checkout your trusted online shop like LazadaPH for awesome deals. Just in case you get to your destination where zombiepocalypse happened by the time you landed. 

You ask why is there a zombiepocalypse? Well, you are asking the wrong question here, pal. The question is, what do you NEED to bring to enjoy your travel and survive from the zombies at the same time?

Here are some:

1.) Comfortable footwear: You will walk distances enjoying the scenery. And you need some comfort running away from the faster undead ones.

2.) A trusty smartphone: But of course! Not just for calling for help, but you gotta upload that zombie pic to your instagram. It will get a minimum of 50 likes, trust me. Tag with #zombie.

3.) Battery power bank: Imagine there's no electricity, what's the worst thing that could happen? Battery empty! You need a portable badboy while hiding on a bunker somewhere while waiting for help. 

4.) A waterproof case: Trust me. You can't enjoy the beach or the pool if you managed to get your camera or phone wet. (No, I don't think this will keep you safe from the walkers.)

5.) A book: Yes there are e-books. But nothing beats the paper-feel and the smell of a good book. Read whilst under the sun. Or read them zombs a bedtime story or two for them to sleep. It might work.

6.) A headset: You might have to consider if you would like to disturb the other tourists next to you with your choice of music with a loud speaker. I believe zombs get annoyed easily with lively music, so keep it safe, plug it into your ears.

7.) A tablet: Watch a film. Or why not whack it onto their ugly heads while escaping? 

8.) Perfume: You might not take a shower in days during the zombiepocalypse, but at least you don't smell too awful. Chances of attracting a co-survivor might increase.

9.) Sunglasses: Hey, protect your eyes from the sun. Then look cool killing off the undead.

10.) Travel Bag: Save the environment by using less plastic bags. And I don't think hand-carrying all those mentioned items would be a good idea too.

There you have it. You are prepared for your epic getaway travel. And more than ready for the zombiepocalypse. Share this list, save a life.

Remember this when you travel:

Work Hard, Party Harder. 
 Zombie says Hi, Run Faster.

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