The Cat Chatter: On MIlk-tea, MMFF, and selfies.

I got the chance to have a chat with Cat Chatter. Because why not? He was finally free from his hectic schedule and was sober from all the boozing from New Year's Eve partying. 

Me: Hey Cat Chatter
CC: :)

Me: Such a busy cat you are. Where are you at the moment?
CC: I could be in New York. Or somewhere near a milk-tea shop. Wherever wifi signal is strong. 

Me: Awesome. Easy on the caffeine. Might make you jumpy and a 'scaredy-cat'. Get it?

Me: Why?
CC: Sorry. Pop-up ads.

Me: Oh. So, shall we get on it then? What can you say about the year of 2013 for you?
CC: It was a whole lot of Miley Circus. C'mon, you could read that in the web right? There are tons of 'Top 10 this, Top 10 that.' As if I needed to be reminded of by them. Try googling 'Napoles' too. There'll be about 1,7500,000 results in 0.25 seconds. If the Internet could be overdosed, it will be barfing now every minute. And you got the nasty typhoon of the name-I-shall-not-mention. It was pretty much a wrecking ball really.

Me: I got you my furry friend. Such a grim year indeed. It was a painful year for some I would say. How about shedding some light on the bright side? /pun intended
CC: This milk-tea is purrfect! Well that's one. Hmm... you put me on the spot there. How about you trying to mention some positives about the latest Metro Manila Film Festival?

Me: Well, I'm not in the country so that's a perfect excuse of not seeing it.
CC: Do you love the films?
Me: No.
CC: So you hate it?
Me: I guess so? Wait, are you mind-tricking me here?
CC: So you rely on others' reviews of those who really watched it or you just don't like the thought of it and rather watch some Hollywood film?

Me: Wait, either you're a cat of Bimby or a die-hard fanatic of Robin Padilla?
Me: Whoa chill! 
CC: I rest my case then. So watch first. If you think it's trash, then I'll take your argument as invalid.
Me: Seriously? Wow. So I'd pay first for a film I really didn't want to see in the first place, and then so my hate would be justified and my argument accepted as valid. REALLY. I think I like the drunk Cat Chatter more than the Milk-Tea induced Cat Chatter.

CC: Vanilla Milk Tea to be correct.
Me: OKAY. Now, trying to get back on track here. Any predictions for the year 2014?

CC: Am I a psychic? I'm a freakin Cat. That Chats. Not a crystal-ball owner. But you can pay me to lick and read your palm.
Me: Well my palm is too salty.
CC: Don't dirty-talk me now.

Me: WHOAHOAOAOA. Easy tiger. Now, how about the 'Year of the Horse' thing, what's your take on that?
CC: I've read the horoscope. I'm not in it. There's no year of the cat. =( I haven't seen yours too. Why are there only 12 animals? DISCRIMINATION!

Me: I don't think REBELLIOUS MILKTEA CAT would be catchy.
CC: Hmm CATCHY CAT seems like a nice screen name too.

Me: So, here reply with 1 word with what I mention ok?
CC: 1 word.

Me: I'm going to call the Police Dog soon. Here we go, Miley Cyrus.
CC: Wre-e-e-e-eck

Me: Bieber
CC: Retire

Me: Kardashian
CC: Kanye

Me: Binay
CC: (Profanities censored)
CC: That's ALL in 1 word, no spaces in between.

Me: Mar Roxas
CC: Epal

Me: Martilyo Gang?
CC: Pokpok

Me: Love life?
CC: Milk tea

Me: Selfie
CC: Got an app for that: DONTCHA!

**Photo not mine**


  1. Lasing ba sya sa milk tea? Hehe.

    1. sadly milkteaholic siya. at wala pang rehab para sa tulad nya. moody kasi lolz


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