Upgrade Your Casual Clothing for Better Style

Casual clothes are an essential part of your wardrobe. You need clothes you can wear when you're not at work, lounging at home, or out and about. But when it comes to more casual clothes, a lot of men can end up defaulting to a boring or even sloppy look. If you don't have to look smart, it's easy to just put on your oldest joggers or jeans and a ratty T-shirt without really thinking a lot about what you're wearing. But if you feel like your casual clothes are boring or you just don't have enough style, you could elevate your casual clothing so it has more personality.

So what can you do differently if you want to make your casual outfits a little sharper?

Don't Go Too Casual

The key to dressing casually and doing it well is to make sure you don't get too casual. You can dress comfortably and look casual without looking like a slob or like you haven't made any effort. Introducing an element of smartness into your outfits will help to make sure you still look stylish and distinguished, even when in your most casual clothes. This can include looking for quality clothes that will last a long time so that they look good for longer. Choosing clothes that fit you well is also a key way to look casual but smart.

Get Some Colour Into Your Outfits

Colour is an important element if you want to lift up your casual outfits. If you only dress in grey or black, it doesn't make your outfits very interesting. While monochrome can be stylish, you can make your outfits a lot more eye-catching if you introduce some colour. Even just having one element, like putting on a men's Moncler jacket can immediately transform your casual look from drab to fly. Add some bright colour or keep things a little more understated with some earthy tones. You can use pattern and texture to add to your outfits too.

Layer Your Clothes

Layering is a great way to do more with your casual outfits. It's especially good during the colder months when you might want to layer up to stay warm. Adding some casual knitwear to your outfits will keep you looking and feeling cosy. It's stylish and easy to throw on as an extra layer. You can wear it on its own or you can have a lightweight jacket or a heavier coat over the top, depending on how cold it is. A hoodie is a good alternative that can look good under a jacket too. Plus, when it's really cold, you can add a scarf and some other winter accessories.

Find the Right Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate comfortable option for your casual look. They're hardwearing, so a quality pair can last you a long time, and they're easy to mix and match with just about anything. You can dress them up or down, so they're good for a really casual look or something a little bit smarter. If you're trying to look really relaxed, lighter tones are often a better choice. For a smart pair of jeans, darker blues and blacks are better. As an alternative to jeans, chinos can be worn as a smart-casual option, and they're also very comfortable.

Invest in Quality Shirts

When you're trying to dress casually but also look stylish, it can often be your top that lets you down. You might think that any T-shirt is the same as another, but you can tell when a shirt is good quality and when it's cheap or has seen better days. Investing in some quality shirts can make a huge difference to your casual outfits. They could be T-shirts, polos or even button-up shirts. Whichever you choose, you can wear them casually while still looking smart and stylish.

Put Your Best Foot Forwards

For a lot of men, it's the shoes that really make the outfit. Without a good pair of casual shoes, it's difficult to really embrace your sense of style. Fortunately, there's a huge range of options to help you find the perfect shoes to go with your casual outfits. White is a safe colour to pick because you can wear them with just about any casual outfit, even if there are some other colour elements in there too.

If you want to improve your casual look, give a little more thought to your clothing choices so you look stylish but still comfortable.

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