Packing For A School Trip

Have the school where your kids go treated them for a fun and educational school trip? As parents, paying the fees for such a trip can sometimes be costly, but it is an experience that they'll never forget!

Schools make booking UK school trips available for their pupils because it is an excellent opportunity for the students to experience, visualize, and discuss various subjects throughout the journey. Your children will get the chance to understand all the hardships that others faced in modern-day and throughout history.

These school trips are a fantastic way to teach our youth some much needed soft skills which they will use throughout their lifetime, such as critical thinking, strong communication skills and problem solving and leadership.

So, with that said, knowing what your kids should pack for the trip is essential as they will not be able to go home and fetch something quickly.

Instead, here are the top  things to pack:


It will help if you look at what the weather conditions will be for the time that your kids will be away. Then you will have a rough idea of the clothing items that they will need to take along and be prepared. Somewhat over pack than under pack- meaning, it is best to pack two or three items more of the essential clothing items. They always need a backup.

Side Tip: 

Always, always pack a warm jacket or hoodie. It does not matter what the weather app says; temperatures can decrease at any time, and not having something warm to put on will spoil their mood and make them uncomfortable.

Backpack and Water Bottle:

Packing a comfortable backpack is crucial as they will carry their bag with them each day, which they will need throughout the day. 

The backpack should not be overcrowded as it will be too heavy later on, and it might cause back pains or worse. So, keep it light.

Ideas for backpack packing:
  • Wet wipes

  • Bin bags 

  • Personal Medication (if applicable)

  • Lip balm

  • Hand cream

  • Hat and Sunscreen

Be sure to pack a water bottle, at least a 1 Litre and a spare water bottle.

Shoes and Socks

Comfortable shoes are critical! The trip is not the time to be fashionable; your kids will walk around a lot throughout the journey. So make sure that they have two comfortable pairs of shoes. 

Pack tons of socks! Socks have a strange way of disappearing, and then you find them again days after. Therefore, it is essential to pack many pairs so that you always have backups for your backup socks.

Towels and Toiletries

Ensure that your children have two pairs of towels. One for the bath or shower and the other for if they get wet or whatever the case may be, having two towels is always a good idea.

Remember to pack all the toiletries that your kids will need on their trip. Toothbrush, toothpaste, small travel shampoo and conditioner kit, deodorant, shower gel etc.


It would be a really nice gesture to give your kids some pocket money for their trip. Then they can buy a souvenir, some snack or a drink on their trip. It will also provide them with a sense of independence.

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