3 Reasons Why a Bathrobe May Make a Great Gift


Pretty much regardless of who you are, there’s a good chance that – every once in a while at least – you get stumped trying to think of gift ideas, either with regards to what gift to get for someone close to you, or with regards to what gifts you should hint that you might want yourself.

Well, why not step away from some of the usual options like chocolate and gift vouchers, and opt instead for a waffle bath robe or similar?

Here are just a few reasons why a bathrobe may make a great gift.

Because they’re really comfortable, and everyone needs a bit of comfort and luxury in everyday life

First things first, bathrobes are obviously really comfortable – at least if they are decent quality.

Everyone undergoes periods of stress from time to time, and it’s important to have things in your life that can help you to relax, enjoy a bit of comfort and luxury, and to shrug off the frustrations of the day – or week – in order to help you rest, recover, and rejuvenate.

Bathrobes can be an excellent way of helping you to mentally disconnect from work and the outside world, and to settle into a peaceful evening catching up on your favourite shows with someone special, or even a weekend relaxing on the sofa.

Because a bathrobe is the kind of garment you can hold onto for a while and become genuinely fond of

Bathrobes tend to be pretty distinctive, especially if the robe in question is particularly attention grabbing, cosy, or is customised to you personally.

For these reasons, among others, bathrobes tend to be the kinds of garments you can hold onto for a while and become genuinely fond of – just as you likely have a jacket or an old pair of jeans that you’ve had for a long while, that you really love and appreciate.

All else aside, there’s often something really comforting and uplifting about having a familiar item of  clothing that ends up becoming more of a “friend” than just a “thing” that you use.

Because bathrobes are relatively uncommon gifts, and it’s time to bring them back

Once upon a time, bathrobes were pretty much all over the place – and just looking at old films and TV shows will quickly give you the impression that pretty much every person out there had at least one bathrobe in their home.

Although bathrobes aren’t exactly “uncommon” today, they do seem to be less common than they once were.

Obviously, this is a pretty terrible situation, and there’s no reason not to pick right now as the time to start bringing bathrobes back in a big way.

So, why not give the gift of a bathrobe today?

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