4 Ideas to Celebrate Your Friendship

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Friendships between girls usually get all the attention. They are expected to show their feelings and be more in touch with their emotions than guys are. However, if things like Scrubs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have taught us anything, it’s that guys are happy to show they care, too. Even so, society still might deem it a little odd. But this shouldn’t stop you, and if you want to show your friends you appreciate each other, here are four ideas to celebrate your friendship. 

Take a Camping Trip 

What’s more manly than a group of guys roughing it in the wilderness, sitting around a fire and having a few (and probably more) beers as the sun sets? Not much, to be honest. 

An all-guys camping trip can give you the chance to sit and chat without worrying about the partner asking when they are coming home. You can show off your fire-making (and maintaining) ability, as well as demonstrate the perfect way to cook a steak on the barbeque. 

Most campsites have hiking opportunities nearby, so you can test yourselves by charging up to the highest peaks and not be afraid to tell each other how stunning the view is. 

Catch Up On What’s Been Missed 

With the country in lockdown for most of the year, a lot of things have inevitably been missed. This can include everything from a stag do party to birthdays, and it’s a real shame you were unable to celebrate them properly. 

Taking the time to catch up on what you’ve missed helps to show each other how much you care. It will help bring everyone together rather than just the few who don’t have plans, and you can Cheers one another while doing whatever you want to do for your celebration. 

As you’ve missed so much, you better make it something memorable, so think of something that no one has done before. 

Guys’ Night Out 

A guys’ night out is a time-honoured tradition, but the older you get and the more you settle down, the less common it becomes, and the numbers at the pub continue to dwindle so that it’s down to just a few of you. 

Understandably, everyone has lives to live now, but one last guys’ night, with phones off and no bedtime will bring back the memories of your youth, which is always something to celebrate. 

Be There for Each Other

While all these other options are fun, they are not the only way to celebrate friendships. One of the most important things you can do for a friend is to be there for them at any place and any time. 

Guys don’t like to talk about their feelings so much because they feel embarrassed, so create an environment that allows people to be open about anything they’re going through. It could prove incredibly successful. 

You All Deserve It 

Everyone, no matter their gender, should have the chance to feel valued as often as possible, and celebrating your friendship with your best friends without feeling ashamed of it will give you all the opportunity to appreciate each other more. It will strengthen your bond and make everyone happier, which sounds like a win all around. 

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