Pimp My Ride: 5 Upgrades That Won't Cost A Fortune

You don’t need Xzibit to come along to make your car cool (but that would be so great, right?!). There is plenty of add ons and accessories you can do yourself that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, will leave your car looking on fire, and most of all improve your driving experience. After all, who wants to do their daily commute in a standard boring car? Read on to find out how you can pimp your car - without leaving you out of pocket!

Car Mat

Less of an accessory and more a necessity, decent car mats will protect the floor of your car while looking superb at the same time. Look for all-weather floor mats, preferably made of a material like rubber to protect your floor against mud, gas, oil, spills, and stains. You want ones that are going to fit to the contours of your footwells and don’t curl up when you are driving. Think of them like the carpet and rugs in your home - serving both an aesthetic and a practical purpose.

Car Seat Covers

Let’s face it: most car interiors are dull. Even if you have heated leather seats and excellent colour coordinated stitching, they probably are not particularly interesting. You can funk them up a bit and protect the seats underneath from food and drink and weather-related marks with seat covers. They are usually removable and easy to wash if they do get a bit grubby.

New Alloys

A good set of alloys can really make your car and turn it from boring to head turning. Make sure you have the right size - too big and they can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle - as well as looking a bit daft. You can buy heavy steel ones, that are usually a little more durable but will weigh your car down, costing you more in fuel, and can make you feel the bumps in the road. Aluminum ones are lighter and more fuel efficient.

A Quality Sound System

Standard car stereo systems are, on the whole, pretty naff. The sound quality is dreadful and tinny in most instances, and when your car is looking hot, you want it to be sounding it as well. If you are driving an older car, it may not come with Bluetooth systems, so look around to find one that allows you to connect your Spotify playlist. Decent speakers are a must, and if you are one of the few people who still listen to CD’s in the car (does anyone do that anymore?), look for something that allows you to put multiple discs in, to save you having to listen to the same one for your whole journey.

Window Tints

Now, you need to be careful with this one as the front windows have to let in a certain amount of light; otherwise, you can find yourself in trouble, and we don’t want that. Go to a professional tinter for advice - they will know what you can and can’t have and get it looking good.

What are your cheap and easy mods to pimp up a car?


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