South American Wonders

South America really is something amazing. It is definitely not as popular as mainland America. But the mainland is so commercialised now, there’s not much to see in the way of culture. It is more roller coasters and big food establishments. 

Come to South America and you’re bombarded with history, culture, and above all, some amazing food. All you have to do is find which country you’d like to visit. There are so many potentials, so we’re here to help show you some of the best, and the reasons why you should visit them sooner rather than later. Read on to find out more.


Argentina is a great country to visit to. Home to some of the best steaks in the world, the first thing you’re going to be experiencing is some great foods across the board. It isn’t just steaks that they know how to do well, there are so many other traditional dishes that are going to give you a treat that's hard to beat. 

Once you’ve finished stuffing your faces, there’s plenty to do in terms of things to see. The Iguazu falls are definitely something that need to be on your hit list. It is such a vast, incredible sight to see, you will truly be left gob smacked at the scale and beauty of it. There’s also some pretty cool places to stay, and it really isn’t that expensive. The most you’re going to be paying for are the flights.


Peru is such a beautiful place to visit. Full of green vast landscapes, and home to the Amazon rainforest. If you’re brave enough, there are some guided tours that go into the forest, but there’s that many bugs and dangerous animals that it really isn’t for the faint hearted. If you’re looking for something a bit more… safe and maybe cultured, there’s plenty of sights to see on the mainland. 

One of the best and definitely one of the most popular is Machu Picchu. It has long been a favourite with tourists, and it is always a pretty busy. But there are Machu Picchu tours that will help you to navigate the scenery a bit better, and possible help you miss some of the crowds too. Once you’re done there you should definitely think about is the Colca Canyon. A vast bit of land offering some truly amazing views. It is all going to involve a little bit of walking, but what you get in return is going to be so worth it.


Colombia is such a pretty country, and it offers a bit more of a laid back holiday than perhaps the other two would have. The food out there is absolutely to die for, and there’s plenty of restaurants serving traditional Colombian dishes. 

The beach life is definitely going to be for you with this destination. If you’re going to chill out then one of the place you need to go to is the Rosario Islands. Perfect for snorkelling, the crystal blue waters will truly mesmerise you.

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