Car Repairs: Don't Let Your Finances Crash

It isn’t difficult to understand that saving for a rainy day is a smart idea, but if you’ve been dealing with breakdowns in all areas of life, you’re going to find that your emergency bank account is dwindling. Emergency funds are great to have, but if life gives you a bit of a battering and you’ve had to spend the money before you intended to, you’re going to find yourself in a little bit of a situation!
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Preparing for the unexpected is a smart move, but calamities do not wait. You can plan and plan all you like, but no matter what happens you cannot plan how much cash you’ll need when the car breaks down – or worse – crashes. It is never helpful for anyone to be told ‘you should have thought ahead’, especially if you did and the last calamity you had rinsed your funds. You could go for a no credit check personal loan, but you need to think about whether you are already covered elsewhere first. Fortunately for you there are options that you can take advantage of if you find yourself in a financial pinch when the worst does happen.
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You may be covered by some services already. If your car has been damaged in an accident, your insurance provider should be able to cover you some of your costs, such as roadside assistance. You may still even be covered for a breakdown, even if it wasn’t in an accident. You could even be covered via your credit card provider.
You could find a good deal on auto repairs simply by shopping around. Go to your local mechanic and get a quote, then visit several others for more quotes. You can then compare your results and get the best deal with the quickest results. If you need to bring the price down even more than the best quote, contact mechanic schools in the area and see whether you could work out a deal with the tutor. Having students work on your car could be a huge saving, even though it’s a risk to you!
You could offer a payment plan or find a mechanic who will take one. You need your car to be fixed as soon as possible and this can sometimes be urgent. However, trying to find the money for the full cost of the repairs outright could be a huge pain, and you need to work out what will be affordable for you. If you can find an auto shop that will work with you with a payment plan, you can breathe a little easier.
Finding a repair shop to get your car fixed as soon as possible is the goal, you just need to make sure that you have everything in place to be able to afford them. Failing everything, it’s time to scrap the car and jump back on the bicycle in the back of the garage. At least the repairs won’t be so expensive!

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