What Amsterdam Truly Has To Offer You

Amsterdam is an amazing city, filled with amazing cultural and enjoyable experiences to behold. Unfortunately, many people consider it only as a place to enjoy legally consuming cannabis. While this helps the economy greatly, and visiting for that reason is as valid as any other, purely going for that reason alone truly robs you of a wealth of treasured memories you could be crafting. Amsterdam is a city with great historical significance, and it’s important for everyone to explore it at least once.

We’re here to shine a torch on the best things to do in Amsterdam, away from the common perceptions. It’s likely that with the right attitude, exploring this location could become your most favorite vacational experience. What’s more is that you live in Europe or even further afield, cheap flights to Amsterdam are easy to find.


While you may not come to a city to pray or have any religious interest whatsoever, you’d be remiss to ignore the beauty of the religious architecture featured here. From the Portuguese Synagogue to the St. Nicholas Basilica and West Church, you can be sure that your first foray into historical education begins with an awe-inspiring building tour. These sacred sites offer so much, and have willing tour guides and even services available for you to experience out of curiosity alone.


Amsterdam is a city of bohemian artists. Experiencing places such as the Stedelijk Museum, the Hermitage and of course the most important Van Gogh museum can melt days away out of fascination alone. These buildings routinely switch up the displays on offer, allowing for a mentally stimulating and all-senses experience to stick in your memory. If you’re able to fit it in your agenda, we’d say you’re in for a treat. If you’re unable to fit it in your agenda, you should change your agenda.

Many incredible art classes are given in this city, from sculpture to painting to photography, if you’re hoping to make the most of the environment and see it in a different light, then attending one of these could truly help you break through to that next level of your artistic goal setting.


We all know why many people head to Amsterdam solely, but this city also offers some of the best bars you can experience. From the Icebar Xtracold (an ice bar with seriously cold shots and thick heat containing coats) to the main strip bars offering, this city allows for some seriously classy sampling of the best booze the Netherlands have to offer, such as flavoured whiskeys and of course schnapps.


The reason that Amsterdam is so special is that it attracts people the world over. No matter who you are, there are always amazing locals and tourists to meet. You might just craft travel buddies for a lifetime in this wonderful city. This is because Amsterdam is a place that knows how to celebrate life. People here are both relaxed but dedicated to their arts. This makes for an interesting blend of both passion and tolerance. Often cultures are either two societally relaxed or too intense, but an almost perfect balance is struck here, and you can see that in the smiling faces of everyone who attends here.

We hope that if you do choose to visit Amsterdam, you have a wonderful and memorable time.

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